Vietnamese Girls – Dong

Vietnamese Girl - Dong (Small)
HI! I am a Vietnamese Girl and i live near Hồ Chí Minh in Vietnam. I am a Single Vietnamese Girl and I just start to go online to find a good boyfriend that want to have a Vietnamese Girlfriend.

I find some Vietnamese Girl on this dating site and I was thinking this will be a good start for my search for my future boyfriend and the love I looking for.

I am a Vietnamese Girl with a big heart I love to help people and I love cooking and I go and study how to become a real chef so I can work like that in the future.

I looking for a man that likes to be with Vietnamese Girl that have dreams about a future. Maybe you like to have a life in Vietnam may be a Guesthouse or a Vietnamese restaurant.

I am open to thoughts and ideas and you may have their own dreams of another life and the future I would enjoy. Hug Dong

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