Chinese Girl - Li Ming
Chinese Girls
Thai Girls

Chinese Girl – Li Ming

HI! I am a single Chinese Girl and my name is Li Ming. So, I am Li Ming and I am here to find a Boyfriend and a future husband to build a family with. I am a Chinese girl in Bangkok. My family is from Shanghai but we now live in Bangkok. I travel […]

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VietnameseGirl looking for a boyfriend
Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girl – Thom

HI! Guys, I am a Vietnamese girl and my name is Thom. So, I was looking around for a good Vietnamese dating site and I find Single Asian Girl. So, I am looking for a good boyfriend and I hope someone will love little Thom and I can be his Vietnamese Girlfriend sometime soon. So, […]

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Korean Girl lloking for love
Korean Girls

Korean Girl – Wook

HI! I am Wook a Korean Girl that looking for a boyfriend. So, I am a Korean Girl that loves football so I looking for a man that loves football. So, My dream is to meet a man from Italian, Frace or maybe England. But I love other things too. I love books and I […]

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Hong Kong Girl Love..
Hong Kong Girls

Hong Kong Girl – Wan

Hi! I am Wan A Hong Kong Girl that hopes to find an American man to be my Boyfriend. So, I never try Internet dating and now I want to try. I believe in love and all that, BUT sometimes you most do some crazy things. I do it now I go online to meet […]

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Hot Japanese Girl looking for Boyfriend
Japanese Girls

Japanese Girl – Emiko

HI! I am Emiko and I am a Japanese Girl that wish to find a nice boyfriend. This is my first time trying this internet dating. So, Here I am a Young fun Japanese Girl that looking for you and a new life. An adventure with a man that I looking for but I don’t […]

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Filipino Girl looking for Boyfriend
Filipino Girls

Filipino Girl – Maria

Hi! Guys, I am a Filipino Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. So, I am a young Filipino Girl and my name is Maria and I am 19 years old. I live in Manila and I work in a Hospital my job is to keep it clean and safe. I love my job because I […]

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Filipino Girls

Filipino Girl – Grace

HI! I am a Single Filipino Girl that look for an American Boyfriend. My Name is Grace and I am a Filipino Girl in Manila. So, I am a Filipino Girl that live with my sister in Manila. We live in a small apartment but is a nice apartment that I love. My older sister […]

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Singapore Girls

Singapore Girl – Xin

HI! Guys, I am a single Singapore Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. My name is Xin and I am a Singapore Girl that want to find love. So, I am a Singapore Girl that love speed in my life. I love to work and I love to meet new people. But I miss that […]

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Thai Girls

Thai Girl – Noi

HI! My name is Noi and I am a Thai Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. Maybe have from America is one of my dream countries. I have been reading some love stories from Thai Girls that have Boyfriends from America. But I just hope I cam be a lucky Thai Girl that find a […]

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Indonesian Girls

Indonesian Girls – Legi

HI! I am a BAD Indonesian Girl Ha Ha Ha is just a fun photo I play with you. But I think I look good its my friend and me that just have some girl’s fun. I love rock and I love leather. But I love to tell you more about my secrets and all […]

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