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Japanese Girls – Mai

Posted by on Sep 18 2018 | Japanese Girls

HI! I am a Single Japanese Girl and I am 31 years old. I have a young daughter and I looking for an American Guy. We live In a Tokyo in a small apartment on the 85th floor in a skyscraper.

I have my oven company and I make good money. I love to play with my daughter and walk in the park and let my daughter play in the park.

I am looking for a guy that is single with or without children. I think It’s time to get married and maybe get a child more before it’s too late.

I can think a life in another country if it’s a good place for my daughter to grow up. I love my life I work on IT websites mobile apps and all that my customers ask me to make.

I can run my company from my home or your home, so I don’t care where I live. But I want a life with love and happiness.

I want to meet a man that can see I have a brain and can make money. A man that can be happy when I make over life good not like Japanese Guys. I am So angry at Japanese Guys. I will wait for your mail. Hug Mai

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Vietnamese Girls – Hoa

Posted by on Sep 16 2018 | Vietnamese Girls

HI! I am Hoa a Single Vietnamese Girl. I live in a Small City with a University and I study Economy and marketing.

I am 19 years old soon I will be 20 and I hope will or can find an American Boyfriend before I end my school at the end of this year.

I am a fun happy Vietnamese Girl that love to be with my friends and I love a small home party with my friends.

I love to fix the food and the drinks. I love to spend my time on YouTube and I look for drinks and new food that I can try out on my friends.

Most of the time I get it right and all my friends are happy. But last week I think I give my friends a bad stomach the day after my friend was bad. I tell my friend he drinks too much whiskey ha ha ha.

My friend says ok that can be true. But I think is maybe was me it must be the fish. I hate fish is so hard to get it good I think.

So, I am looking for an American Guy an American Boyfriend. I hope you have been in Vietnam and love to spend time here.

I am looking for a man that love to get new friends and maybe you can talk some Vietnamese and know a bit about the life here.

Are you that man I am looking for? send me a message or I see the Vietnamese dating site they have adds on I will try that too I think. Hug Hoa

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Singapore Girls – Gen

Posted by on Sep 12 2018 | Singapore Girls

Hi! I am A single Singapore Girl that looking for love and a boyfriend. I think I like to find an American Boyfriend maybe you live in Singapore already.

Anyway, I am looking for a good boyfriend and if it’s not an American dream boy I can be a lucky Girl some time dreams is just a dream and the real love will be a man you don’t dream about.

But for sure you must be good for me and be a bit of fun and love people. I live in a small apartment with 2 other Singapore girls and my friends work in a supermarket and I work in a local Restaurant.

It’s fun and I meet a lot of people and one of the girls was talking about this website with her friends.

So, I go home and look and now a year later I think its time to try the luck to find an American boyfriend.

So are you looking for a Singapore Girlfriend or Singapore wife are you good and have a good heart? I hope you will contact me. Hug Gen

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Chinese Girls – Abi and Tabby

Posted by on Sep 06 2018 | Chinese Girls

Hi! Me and my friend are 2 single Chinese Girls that looking for 2 future husbands we are the best friends and we want to be together in the future if we can.

We are looking for 2 friends or brothers that looking for Chinese Girlfriends and want to have us. We are hard working and we are a fun team that loves to travel.

We were in America, Sweden, Italy, and Thailand. We love to travel and have fun, so we hope you guys are the same.

In the free time, we don’t travel we like to go out to drink Coffee and just be our self. We love the beach.

We love to cook Chinese food and I have a big great kitchen in my apartment that we spend a lot of time to cook food and bake cake.

I hope it’s a bit of over life that you will love and the rest we love to tell you guys on skype or Viber when you contact us. Hug Abi and Tabby

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Thai Girl – Fon

Posted by on Sep 02 2018 | My Thai Cupid Members

Now we open MyThaicupid.com
HI! Do you want to Date me, guys? I am Fon a 20 years old Thai Girl. I am a Thai Girl that work in a car shop in Surin.

I love to see all Thai Girls walk in to the shop with there foreign boyfriend but I’m also a bit jealous they look so happy.

I want to walk around and be happy like that and some days I dream about that life. Can it happen to me or not?

Are my body sexy and do you guys love Thai Girls like me? Its so many Sexy Thai Girls with silicon bobs. but I am 100% naturally no beauty operations.

Its what a girl like me is its worried about. Therefore I add a beach photo that a friend takes of me when we were on the beach it was so fun.

I love to play with my camera and I love to cook Thai food I love to cook Thai fish and seafood. I am a Thai Girl that love books and I read a lot.

I love I like fantasy books and love story’s I am a bit romantic Thai Girl. I love flowers and I dream that soon I can go hand in hand with you it’s so romantic.

So, do you want to date me? send me a mail or come and look for me on the other dating site I just sing up to. Big Hug from your Fon

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Thai Girl – Ning

Posted by on Aug 26 2018 | My Thai Cupid Members

Sawadee I am Ning and I am a Single Thai Girl from Phuket. I am a 21 Years old Thai Girl and I am looking for a Korean boyfriend.

I love Asian Guys, especially Korea and Japanese guys they are so hot. I can talk Korean and Japanese and English.

My mom has a gift shop so as a young Thai Girl I learn a lot of languages. So I can help my mom in the shop. I love Tourist the are for the most time fun and nice to talk to.

I am looking for love. I hope I can find it here on My Thai cupid or on Thai Cupid. I believe in True love and I think I can find it if I work hard and don’t give up.

I hope you are out there on the internet and looking for a Single Thai Girl like me. I hope some Asian man see this and thinking I really want to meet a Thai Girlfriend and get to know here.

I hope you want to find real love, Get married and maybe you want to stay with me in Phuket. Big Hug Your Ning

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Chinese Girls – Qi

Posted by on Aug 25 2018 | Chinese Girls

HI! I am a Chinese Girl that looking for love and a future Husband. I live in Peking now, but I come from a small Chinese village along the coastline.

My family is a fishing family and my dad fishing every day. I come to Single Asian Girl and I am looking for an American man or I Think or An Australian guy.

That want to marry me or in the beginning be my Boyfriend. About me, I work in a small office and it’s just me and my boss that work there.

I am his secretary, so I book meetings and all that and keep him update. On my free time, I spend my time running and I love to take photos.

I just buy the most wonderful camera to have fun with. I take a lot of nature photos from my home village and the city life that is so fun.

It’s been my new life the last year. Now I want to take the next step to find love and I hope in the future I will have a family. Hug Qi

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Vietnamese Girls – Abbey

Posted by on Aug 23 2018 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! I am Abbey A 21 year old Vietnamese Girl that looking for a foreign husband. I live in the countryside with my family.

We are mom and dad and my 3 younger sisters and my older brother. I work in a dentist office in the small city about 20 Km from us.

So, I go with my motorbike every day to my work that I love. I love to find a good fun guy that love Vietnam and maybe you can talk some too.

I am looking for a man around 30 to 40 years old I think. Come and look for me I wait for you. Hug Abbey

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Malaysian Girls – Puteri

Posted by on Aug 22 2018 | Malaysian Girls

HI! I am Puteri a 19 years old Malaysian Girl that is looking for a real man and future Husband. I been coming here for a long time just looking on all the other Single Asian Girl.

I think its time for me to add my story and see if some one can love me to. I Like to tell you a bit about me and my life.

I work in a factory office and I do the paper work for us and I like my work. I Love to pay music I play the drums and I pay for the last 5 years and I love it.

I love rock and I love to play hard rock. I look a lot on YouTube and I see some other Girls that play good and one day it will be me that sit behind.

I Spend my free time out side the city where my family live my family have a small farm with chickens and all that.

It’s here I can slow down and be the real me. I don’t need to care about makeup and all the that a Girl need to do. I am looking for you that can be happy in the city life.

But the same time can spend time in the country side and look on the chicken and drink a beer. Are you that guy? Come and talk to me. Hug Puteri

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Japanese Girls – Miya

Posted by on Aug 17 2018 | Japanese Girls

HI! I am from Japan and I am a Single Japanese Girl and I looking around the internet to find a good husband and I find this website and I was thinking maybe is a good place to find love.

I see other Japanese Girls so it must be a good sign. I am an office girl I work hard but I have a friend and she loves to take photos on me.

So, I let her take some fun and a bit sexy photo on me. I hope you think its OKAY for you and I really hope you love my friends’ photo on me.

I am looking for a man love to be around people and love to go to Japan that is important for me. I hope you love Japanese food.

Because I love to cook food but if you don’t want me to cooking food for us you can take me out on a romantic restaurant Its ok for me too. Big Hug Miya

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