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Chinese Girls – Dongmei

Posted by on Jul 28 2016 | Chinese Girls

Chinese Girls - Dongmei
HI! I am a and i live in Malaysia I come to work in a office I study IT and it’s what I work with in Malaysia. I love Malaysia but my family is still in China.

I love to try a new way to find love a Chinese or maybe Love have someone for me. Is my first time I try to find love online I don’t have the time to go out and party to find love and the right husband for me.

So I looking for you that are fun hard working and a guy with dreams about a great future. I want to be a part of that life I and that dream.

I am the Chinese Girl you looking for I understand hard work and I can take care of the family to when we will have one. So send me a mail I will wait for you hug Dongmei

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Vietnamese Girls – Yen

Posted by on Jul 10 2016 | Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girl - Yen (Small)
I am a Vietnamese Girl that looking for love and a real Gentleman that love to give a Girl flower and I hope he want to marry me.

I am a romantic Vietnamese Girl that love to read love stories and I love romantic movies. I love to try to drink wine it look so romantic so I hope it will be one of the first thinks we do together.

I am a country side Girl my family just have a small rice farm but we are happy and we have a small house and it’s all that we need.

We just get internet to over home and I get a older computer so now I can be online and I hope I can find love online.

I hope can find a foreign husband so send me a mail and I hope my English is good and I know Google can help me with the rest. Hug Yen

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Vietnamese Girls – Tam

Posted by on Jun 15 2016 | Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girl - Tam (Small) (2)
HI! I am Tam a Vietnamese Girl I live in the country side I never been in a big city and now I looking for a way out in the world and I don’t know where love will take me.

Is dark now and I am alone in my room and I think on what I like to say to you. I am a Vietnamese Girl that look for love and a husband that will take care of me.

I hope you will help me with my English and maybe I need to learn some German or Swedish depending where in the world love will take me.

But I good in school and I love to study and make home work so I don’t think it will be a big problem. So I just open a Skype and I have a G mail as my friend say all is so new.

I only have my friend on Skype so I hope I will get many new friend and maybe one of them can be you my boyfriend. Hug Tam

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Hong Kong Girls – Xingjuan

Posted by on May 15 2016 | Hong Kong Girls

Xingjuan a Hong Kong Girl (Small)
HI! I am a Hong Kong Girl I looking for love and I hope I can find it online like this. I like to find a good guy that is lonely like me.

I don’t like to go out I don’t like drunk guys that ….. Yes you know right. I want love but I don’t want to play that game.

I just want I good Boyfriend that I can give my heart to and that take care of me and my heart. I am a young Hong Kong Girl that love sport and I love shopping like all Girls do.

I work in a small office and I love to day dream about a new life and what can happen in the future I hope some of my dream can come true.

So who do I looking for? I don’t know if I look for Chinese man, Asian or Caucasian Guys like a American let’s see what happen but I know I don’t look for Muslim guys. So send me a mail I am Xingjuan so you know

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Singapore Girls – Zena

Posted by on May 08 2016 | Singapore Girls

Zena - Singaporean Girl (Small)
HI! I am Zena a Single Singapore Girl and is my first time I go online to find love. I looking for a good guy maybe from China Australia or American that I hope live in Singapore if I am lucky.

My friend say that I am a fun cute Singaporean Girl that love to bee with friends and joke and have fun I love speed in my life.

I looking for a guy that love speed but can be the one to slow me down when we need. I looking for a guy that I can give my love and spoil with my love and my heart.

I want to be the one that take care of you when you come home after a long day at work. I want to be all that you need I want to be your Singaporean Girlfriend and later I hope you want me to be your wife. Hug Zena

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Chinese Girls – Dandan

Posted by on May 05 2016 | Chinese Girls

Dandan - Chinese Girl (Small)
HI! I am a Chinese Girl that live in a big city in China i live with a friend in a small apartment is my friend that see this web site but she is too shy to try.

But I hope I can find a good guy online that want to marry me and have a family in the future. I am a 25 years old Chinese Girl I love swimming and high jump diving.

When I was a young Chinese Girls I was real good on it now I just do it for fun. I looking for a guy That love sport and love children I hope you will love my photo I know I will make you happy and I hope you will make me happy. Hug Dandan

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Filipino Girls – Luna

Posted by on Apr 14 2016 | Filipino Girls

Filipino Girl - Luna (Small)
HI! I am a 20 years old Filipino Girl I live on a small Island and I wonder if someone want to live in the Philippines with me?

I go to school and now I have an education in hospitality and hotel I have great dreams to do something. So I looking for you with 2 dreams or more.

One is to live in Philippines and the other to have me as your Filipino Girlfriend. I looking for a guy that want to have a new life that Is fun and can make people happy.

I looking for a guy that know what he want and don’t play games with me. So what you get is a fun Filipino Girl that will support you and will help you.

I love cooking and I am good on cooking Asian food and I love to cook sea food I think it will be good for over new life to.

I love to go out and I am good to make my friends to be happy and have fun. I am a Filipino Girl that have many dreams and love to work hard to make it happen. Hug Luna

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Vietnamese Girls – Hong

Posted by on Apr 08 2016 | Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamsese Girls - Hong (Small)
HI! I am a single Vietnamese Girl that looking for you a good guy that is lonely and need a Vietnamese Girlfriend like me.

Is the first time I try to find love on internet and a dating site like this I been looking on story’s about other girls that try to find Love and now I ready to do the same I love to find you and get married soon.

I am a good Vietnamese Girl that love sport and I love to look on football you can ask me later about my Team that I love in England.

I have too much I want to tell you but I hope this is the best start and ask me anything and I will tell you all about me. Hug Hong

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Indonesian Girls – Legi

Posted by on Apr 05 2016 | Indonesian Girls

Indonesian Girl - Legi (Small)
HI! I am Legi a 23 years old Indonesian Girl I live in one of Indonesia bigger city with my younger Indonesian Sister.

I work in a shop so I meet a lot of people and one of the Indonesian Girls was talking about this web site with her friend they was talking about a Australian guy that she meet.

I go online and I see her and her story and I am Crazy but I hope I can do the same find love online and find a guy that want to marry me.

I just hope that I can find a nice single guy that is good and can make me happy and give me love for me and my family. I am here I will wait for you and I hope you say YES to me a good Indonesian Girl. Hug Legi

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Korean Girls – Bong

Posted by on Mar 31 2016 | Korean Girls

Bong a Korean Girl (Small)
HI! I am a 23 years old Korean Girl that is looking for Love and I just surf around to find some Asian and Korean Dating sites.

I love Single Asian Girl so why not I see it’s a long time a Korean Girl come and try the luck on this Asian dating site.

I am a good Korean Girl I work in a shop that sell mobiles and for the moment we sell a lot of Galaxy S7 people are crazy about them and I just buy a new one for myself.

I am so happy but now back to me and my hunt for love I hope I can find it online and I hope is you like me is alone in the dark so send me a mail and I hope I soon can be your Korean Girlfriend. Hug Bong

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