Korean Girl lloking for love
Korean Girls

Korean Girl – Wook

HI! I am Wook a Korean Girl that looking for a boyfriend. So, I am a Korean Girl that loves football so I looking for a man that loves football. So, My dream is to meet a man from Italian, Frace or maybe England. But I love other things too. I love books and I […]

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Hong Kong Girl Love..
Hong Kong Girls

Hong Kong Girl – Wan

Hi! I am Wan A Hong Kong Girl that hopes to find an American man to be my Boyfriend. So, I never try Internet dating and now I want to try. I believe in love and all that, BUT sometimes you most do some crazy things. I do it now I go online to meet […]

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Indian Girls

Indian Girl – Prafula

HI! I am Prafula and I am an Indian Girl that looking for a good Husband. So, I am an open and happy Indian Girl that dreams about love. I have a call center here in Bangalore that is helping American companies with Custom care. So, Is me and my sister that run It. But […]

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Thai Girls

Thai Girl – Amporn

Hello! My name Amporn and is a Single Thai Girl living in Pattaya. So, I have a job at a restaurant in Jomtien. I come from Satun where my Thai Family and my friends live. In my Thai village, there is not so much to do and there are no jobs. Our Thai family is […]

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Indonesian Girl looking for Love
Indonesian Girls

Indonesian Girl – Diann

Hi! I am Diann a Single Indonesian Girl that is looking for a relationship and a Husband. So, as a Single Indonesian Girl, I live with my sister. We live outside a bigger city and we work in a factory. So, It’s my first time I try internet dating and I don’t have a computer […]

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Chinese Girl wait for you
Chinese Girls

Chinese Girl – Jie

HI! I am Jie a single Chinese Girl that looking for a future husband. So, I live in Beijing and I have a good life. BUT like many Chinese People is work first and family after. I don’t want it to be too late for children and a family. So, I will start a new […]

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Hot Japanese Girl hope to find love
Japanese Girls

Japanese Girl – Rieko

HI! I am Rieko a Japanese Girl and I am looking for a Husband. So, I am Rieko and is living in Chiba I live with 2 other Japanese Girls. We are living in a small house and I have 2 jobs one in a small food shop and I sing in a band in […]

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Vietnamese Girl looking for a Boyfriend
Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girl – Tad

HI! I am a Vietnamese girl and my name is Tad. I am a Single Vietnamese Girl that is open to beginning a relationship with a good man. So, I am Tad a Single Vietnamese Girl that is living in Saigon. My family still live in a small Vietnamese village far away from Saigon. I […]

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Hot Japanese Girl looking for Boyfriend
Japanese Girls

Japanese Girl – Emiko

HI! I am Emiko and I am a Japanese Girl that wish to find a nice boyfriend. This is my first time trying this internet dating. So, Here I am a Young fun Japanese Girl that looking for you and a new life. An adventure with a man that I looking for but I don’t […]

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Indonesian Girl looking for true love
Indonesian Girls

Indonesian Girl – Annisa

Hi! I am a Single Indonesian Girl and my name is Annisa. So, I am an Indonesian Girl that live in Balikpapan a cost city in Indonesia. But I am in the age to get married and I want to find my love my self before mom or some other in my family find the […]

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