Sweet Filipino Girl & American Superman
Filipino Girls

Sweet Filipino Girl and American Superman

HI! Guy’s I am a Sweet Filipino Girl and I looking for an American Superman. I looking for that man that can be my rock in my life I need a real man. So, I go to the only American man I know the Superman and He is living in America. I know I can […]

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Malaysian Girls

Malaysian Girls – Ayu

HI! My name is Ayu and I am a Single Malaysian Girl. I am a 20 years old Malaysian Girl that looking for love and a relationship maybe marriage. I am looking for a man that is fun and open and if you can talk some Malaysian is a plus but no problem. I can […]

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Thai Girls

Thai Girls – Namfon

HI! I am Namfon i am a single Thai Girl in Bangkok is the first time i try a dating site like this. I hope it will work and that I can find love and happiness that I looking for. So I am I happy Thai Girl that is 24 years old I live in […]

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Indian Girls

Indian Girls – Abi

HI! I am Abi a Single Indian Girl i just see Single Asian Girl when I see this web site. I love Internet dating you never know who you will me. One day you meet an Australian man the next a German man it is so exciting I love it. I been trying it before […]

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Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girls – Dong

HI! I am a Vietnamese Girl and i live near Hồ Chí Minh in Vietnam. I am a Single Vietnamese Girl and I just start to go online to find a good boyfriend that want to have a Vietnamese Girlfriend. I find some Vietnamese Girl on this dating site and I was thinking this will […]

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Hong Kong Girls

Hong Kong Girls – Ju

HI! My name is Ju and I am a single Hong Kong Girl I live in Hong Kong and I work in Hong Kong Subway and I sell tickets and help people to find the right way in the Subway system. I find Single Asian Girl and I like to try to find love. I […]

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Filipino Girls

Filipino Girls – Ann

Hi! My name is Ann and i live in Cebu i live in the country side with my aunt and her husband from America. My aunt come back from America a year ago and the will now live in Philippines for the most of the time. I never been outside Philippines but I like to […]

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