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Chinese Girl

HI! I am a Single Chinese Girl that looking for an American or Australian Boyfriend. I am a 24 years old Chinese Girl and I love Australia and the people that I meet.

I have been in Australia last year and I like to travel to America one day. I have a Sister in Florida and my older sister in Las Vegas both is married to American Guys.

So, I live in Bejing in China and I have a small company that invests in properties and others think that I buy and sell when the time is right.

I looking for a man that that love all big as American guys do. I have money I don’t need your money but I want your love and I need a man that loves

to make money and build a future like my sisters have done. I love China but I like to Learn new things and develop as a human being.

I also want a family that is why I try different ways to find my husband. I love children and I love to get one or 2 in the future.

But just now I have too much work I am in the change of my company and my older sister daughter is taking steps to be a part of my company to handle the Chinese market.

Now is my turn to move out to the world and build my new life like my sister did before me. So, Do you want to be a part of my life? Send me a message Hug Lee


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