VietnameseGirl looking for a boyfriend
Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girl – Thom

HI! Guys, I am a Vietnamese girl and my name is Thom. So, I was looking around for a good Vietnamese dating site and I find Single Asian Girl. So, I am looking for a good boyfriend and I hope someone will love little Thom and I can be his Vietnamese Girlfriend sometime soon. So, […]

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Chinese Girl
Chinese Girls

Chinese Girl – Lee

HI! I am a Single Chinese Girl that looking for an American or Australian Boyfriend. I am a 24 years old Chinese Girl and I love Australia and the people that I meet. I have been in Australia last year and I like to travel to America one day. I have a Sister in Florida […]

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Cute Hong Kong Girl
Hong Kong Girls

Hong Hong Girl – Wai

Hi! I am Wai a Hong Kong Girl that love Romantic Man. I am a Hong Kong Girl that looking for a future Husband and a man for our future family. So, I am a Hot Hong Kong Girl that live in Hong Kong. I have my own company that works with the rental of […]

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Filipino Girls

Filipino Girl – Maria

Hi! I am a Filipino Girl that looking for an American or Australian Husband. My sister is married to an Australian man and I been in Australia. And I like it but my best friend is planning to move to Florida so if you are American and live around Florida I am open to see […]

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Japanese Girls

Japanese Girl – Kei

Hi! My name is Kei and I am a single Japanese Girl that is working as a Teacher in a smaller Japanese town. I like to see if they are some American or Australian man that love to have me as theirs, Japanese Girlfriend? I look for a man that knows who to be a […]

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Indonesian Girls

Indonesian Girls – Dewi

HI! I am a single Indonesian Girl that looking for a good Australian man or maybe an American man. But America is so far away I don’t know. We will see who send mail to me. American, Australian, Swedish maybe I have a friend’s sister that has a Swedish husband. But I am like Australians […]

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Indian Girls

Indian Girls – Ami

Hi! I am a Single Indian Girl That live in India. I am a 32 years old Indian Girl that is Single and I looking for a kind, good future Husband. I live in a small Indian Village and I have a small house that I live in with my younger sister. I have some […]

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