Vietnamese Girls – Thuy

Hi! I am a Single Vietnamese Girl that looking for a future Husband. I hope I can meet a good American or Australian man.

So, This is my first time I try this way of dating I have a profile on that Vietnamese Dating site but I hope this will help me to find that Single man that can be my Husband.

So, I am a Single Vietnamese Girl that live in a small village. We have the nature just around the corner.

I love The nature and me and my younger sister love to go out and look for food in the forest. So, we can find fruit and some time mushrooms and other things.

I love my lifestyle but is hard to find a good man in the forest. Maybe I can find Tarzan but I don’t think so.

It’s why I come to this place i don’t want to move to the big city just to find love. I hope i can find a bit older man that can see me for me.

And I hope that man can see that a good life doesn’t need to be about the money. You can have a good life and live with the nature.

I hope you want to contact me and talk about life and maybe love. Also, I hope you want to tell me about you and your life. Hug Thuy


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