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Vietnamese Girl looking for a Boyfriend

HI! I am a Vietnamese girl and my name is Tad. I am a Single Vietnamese Girl that is open to beginning a relationship with a good man.

So, I am Tad a Single Vietnamese Girl that is living in Saigon. My family still live in a small Vietnamese village far away from Saigon.

I grow up in a Vietnamese village it’s was a good life. But as a young Vietnamese girl, I start to dream about Saigon and school.

Meet A Vietnamese Girl

It’s was an uncle that takes me to a new life in Saigon. He gets a new job and he says to me I can give you what you dream of real school and Saigon.

But he says you need to work hard and cook food and all that? I say, YES I will do that. It’s was some hard years but at the same time, I learn a lot.

I completed my studies and got a good job as a Teacher. But love and family is what I missing. Is why I try internet dating.

Also, I like to do that big move to a new city and maybe a new country. A new languish, new food, and a million other things but love make you do crazy things.

Meet A Vietnamese Girl

So, I looking for that man that is lonely and have a big heart. A man that I can make happy with my smile but also that other part that all guys want so we can have a family.

That daughter that you dream of and that son that you want to play games with. I want to give you all that and much more. Hug Tad


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