Filipino Girls – Bea

Hi! My name is Bea and I am a Filipino Girl. It’s the first time I see an Asian Dating site like this. I have been Trying some other of Asian Dating site I see here.

But I do not try this. And I will try that Filipino one that they show on this website too. I am the Youngest in my family, but I feel is time to start my one family.

So, I come here to find a good man to marry in the future. I like to find a man that lives in America or Australia.

I don’t think I can learn a new languish, so I hope English husband is best to have. I love to be with my family and I love to play with my dog.

I find him walking around on the street with no food and he was so skinny and it was just skin and bone left, and he looks on me.

And I give him some food and after that, he runs he was so scared. The next morning, he was outside barking and he wants to have more food.

Soon we were the best friend and I put him in my car to the veterinary for a check-up. It was some work but now he is ok. So, I hope you are a dog lover it’s a good singe for me. Hug Bea


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