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Indian Girls – Baani

HI! I am a 21 years old Indian Girl and I looking love and future husband. I like to find a European man and I am ready to move from India to start a new life.

I just finish my study and I like to try something new in my life. I live in my moms and dads’ home. We are a big family with 3 boys and 3 girls. I am the oldest girl in my family.

Mom asked me a week ago when will you start to look for a Husband I want grandchild and she starts to laugh and give me a hug.

So, I know its time to give her what she wants and before she finds a husband for me I will find a man that I can love. It’s Why I come to this dating site and I hope someone will see me.

Are you my future husband? I hope you like to contact me and tell me all about my new life and where I will live is it cold?

do it have snow? Do you love Indian food? And many more think that I maybe want to tell me about. Hug Baani


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