Chinese Girl – Ah Lam

Posted by on Jan 01 2019 | Chinese Girls

Hi! I am a Single Chinese Girl that live in Shang Hai. So, I am a Chinese Girl that looking for an American or European Boyfriend. My name is Ah Lam and I come from a small town in central China.

But I live I Shang Hai where I help an uncle with his company that invests in property’s and rent it out. So, I am my Uncles all in one ha ha ha.

I take care of the rent and I fix the problems and whatever he needs me for. But I think is time to let my younger sister take over and I like to find a Husband.

And in time I like to move abroad and start a company with you and build a property company that we can be proud of. So, I am looking for you that love to try something big.

A step in love and in life. So, if you think you are the man for me? Send me a mail and tell me about you and maybe a photo of you. Hug Ah Lam

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