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HI! I am a Single Korean Girl that comes to Single Asian Girl to find love and a husband to love and get married too. I was on the way to log in to my profile on that Korean dating site.

But I see on google that this website has Korean Girls too. Therefore, I send my story and I hope a gentleman can see it and I hope my single days will end soon.

I am looking for an American Guy that want to have a long time relationship and want that deep love that take time to build.

But I am ready to try that but I want to build a relationship with you and let it grow. So are you a man that love romantic stuff like a flower, win and all that girls love.

Let us start to talk about love, Family, Sisters, and brothers. All that we need to know. Come to Korea and meet me. Let go to a romantic place and try over love.

Let’s see if you can meet my family after that romantic time together. So, now it’s up to you to send a message or look for me on that Korean dating site you know. Hug Yong


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