Indonesian Girls

Indonesian Girls – Legi

HI! I am a BAD Indonesian Girl Ha Ha Ha is just a fun photo I play with you. But I think I look good its my friend and me that just have some girl’s fun.

I love rock and I love leather. But I love to tell you more about my secrets and all that I love to talk about in privet. So, what I do in my normal life.

I do some model works and I do some art. I am crazy about animals and I love Zebras Black and White its are my colors white dresses and black leather jackets.

So, I am looking for a Boyfriend that is all in for rock and love rivets and leather I know I hard Indonesian Girl to catching a motorcycle can help catch me.

I can already see myself sitting on an HD behind you disappearing in the sunset. Now I start dreaming about what might happen.

I don’t know what you dream about but hope you can start to talk to me and be nice. If you are the guy that will be my boyfriend you will be a happy man. Hug Legi


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