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HI! I am Puteri a 19 years old Malaysian Girl that is looking for a real man and future Husband. I been coming here for a long time just looking on all the other Single Asian Girl.

I think its time for me to add my story and see if some one can love me to. I Like to tell you a bit about me and my life.

I work in a factory office and I do the paper work for us and I like my work. I Love to pay music I play the drums and I pay for the last 5 years and I love it.

I love rock and I love to play hard rock. I look a lot on YouTube and I see some other Girls that play good and one day it will be me that sit behind.

I Spend my free time out side the city where my family live my family have a small farm with chickens and all that.

It’s here I can slow down and be the real me. I don’t need to care about makeup and all the that a Girl need to do. I am looking for you that can be happy in the city life.

But the same time can spend time in the country side and look on the chicken and drink a beer. Are you that guy? Come and talk to me. Hug Puteri


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