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Japanese Girls – Akira

Posted by on Feb 27 2015 | Japanese Girls

Japanese Girl Akira (Small)
HI! I am a Single Japanese Girl and i live in the big city of Tokyo. I have a small Hair salon where I make Nails, Hair and all that.

I have some free time and I was on the internet and I find Single Asian So I like to see what can happen. Can I find love on this web site can I find a man in Japan, American, Australia or Europe.

I looking for a man that love Japanese Girl and love all about Japan and Asia like I do. I hope I can find love and start an Adventure with a kind man.

I am a good Japanese Girl I work hard and I love cooking Japanese food and Asian food. I love History and I love to take photos on myself.

I love the sea and the Beach I been traveling before and I been in Thailand and Indonesia. I love Singing and I love to talk to my friend and my sister on Facebook. Hope you will contact me Hug Akira

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Japanese Girls – Chiyo

Posted by on Dec 09 2014 | Japanese Girls

Japanese Girl Chiyo
HI! I am a 25 years old Japanese Girl that live in Nagoya. I find Single Asian Girl just now and I am in my small bedroom dreaming about love and a good man.

I been too scared to try Internet dating before but if you want to find love and want to find a foreign man. I am a fun Single Japanese Girl that live in Nagoya I have a small apartment that I and a friend live in.

My family live about 2 hovers a way from Nagoya in a small Japanese village. Some time I miss the life in the village but the city life is great.

I hope i soon can talk to you I will lie on my bed and wait for you to contact me and I hope we can have a long good talk on skype and we will see what will happen I hope you will love me. Hug Chiyo

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Japanese Girls -Kimi

Posted by on Dec 01 2014 | Japanese Girls

Kimi a Japanese Girl
Konnichiwa My name is Kimi and i am a 20 years old Japanese Girl form Osaka. I live in Tokyo and I work with flower and I do flower arrangements for Hotels, weddings and so on.

I looking for a kind good American man that want to meet a Japanese Girl for a long time relationship. My English is bad but I working on it and I go to school 3 night a week.

Its so fun to learn English and my Teacher say I need to start to talk some English and I am a Single Japanese Girl. So I was thinking about love and English is 2 of my problems in life.

So a friend say she be member of Japan So I look around and I find this web site too.

Looking for an American or Australian man about 40 – 45 years old that want to have a sweet good Japanese Girlfriend.

Its my first time on an Asian dating site so I hope this is not too short? And I hope you like to send me a mail so I can meet you.

I hope you and me can talk in Skype? I love to talk to you about life, dreams, history and love. Maybe you like to learn some Japanese? Hug. Kimi

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Japanese Girls – Aya

Posted by on Oct 17 2014 | Japanese Girls

Aya a Japanses Girl in sexy lingerie
HI! I am Aya a Single Japanese Girl and I live in Tokyo. I find Single Asian Girl a night not long ago but I didn’t have time to do my story.

I am 23 years old Japanese Girl and I Have a small Japanese beauty salon. I start my company when I was 18 I love my company and to run it.

I looking for a good open mind man that can see that a Japanese Girl can run a company and make money. I hope I can find an American or Australian man I Think it’s what I want.

I am open to move abroad and sell my company when the time is right. I am a Japanese Girl that don’t smoke and I don’t drink much.

I can cook Asian Food and I Love to cook Japanese Food. I don’t have Children but I hope I can change that after I get married.

I hope you are about 40 years old single and no children from before. I add a sexy photo on myself I hope you like it and I hope is not to sexy I just want to give you something to dream about. Hug Aya in Japan

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Japanese Girls – Aki

Posted by on Aug 26 2014 | Japanese Girls

Aki a Japanese Girl
Hi! My Name is Aki and I am a Japanese Girl and I live in Tokyo. I love to travel and I have a sister in Sweden that I been to.

She live in the northern parts I was living with them for 3 month and I love the snow and drive the snowmobile. I love the Swedish and the Norwegian People that I meet.

So I was thinking maybe I can meet a good man that live in Sweden or Norway or another place with snow like in Europe is okay for me to but is fun to live so I can meet my sister from time to time.

I am a single Japanese Girl that love food and I love cooking Japanese food. I love children and hope that my future husband wants to have a family.

I don’t think so much about age and my sister live with an older man and it works good and he listen on her so that can be okay for me to. The only thing I really care about is your heart and if you have time for me. Hug Aki

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