Vietnamese Girls – Tam

Vietnamese Girl - Tam (Small) (2)
HI! I am Tam a Vietnamese Girl I live in the country side I never been in a big city and now I looking for a way out in the world and I don’t know where love will take me.

Is dark now and I am alone in my room and I think on what I like to say to you. I am a Vietnamese Girl that look for love and a husband that will take care of me.

I hope you will help me with my English and maybe I need to learn some German or Swedish depending on where in the world love will take me.

But I good in school and I love to study and make homework so I don’t think it will be a big problem. So I just open a Skype and I have a G mail as my friend says all is so new.

I only have my friend on Skype so I hope I will get many new friends and maybe one of them can be you, my boyfriend. Hug Tam

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