Vietnamese Girls – Hong Yen

Hi! I am a Vietnamese Girl that live in a small city in Vietnam I work in a bus station and I sell ticket to all the bus that pass this Bus station. Is a good work and I meet a lot of people some just pass and other live in my city.

Some time I meet a tourist and I think on some love story from a book and what will happen if I will be in that story and that man will be a part of that new story is just a dream.

I love to dream, daydream about love about love about life. SO do you want to be a part of my dream? My love story and my life?

Send me a story and tell me what will happen the day we meet on that bus station in Vietnam when you buy the ticket from me and let the story start and maybe I will be a part of your story and your dreams.

I will wait for your mail and your story I hope it will be you and me that can find love and a long life together. Big Hug Hong Yen

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