Vietnamese Girl – Phuong

Hi! I am a Vietnamese Girl that looking for a Husband. It’s a bit scared but I hope it will be great and a good experience so let’s see what happens.

So, I am Vietnamese Girl I live in a small Vietnam town. My mom and dad are Teachers in the local school. So, I would be a Teacher like mom.

But I just finished school and I work for a company that helps companies to train new staff is fun and it’s so and uplifting when doing something for someone else.

But I like to see a new country I like to see and live a new life in America or Australia or where Single Asian Girl will take me.

I go and think all the time. what will happen? will he be a nice man? the first kiss and hug he gives me. Sigh, this is a bit too much of a romantic, romance and emotion.

I think I love this Romantic thing name, Love. so, I need a man that can be the strong man on one side but be romantic when we are alone.

Also, I like to meet a man that loves to spend time with me. A man that loves to travel and love the Vietnamese Food that I love to cook.

I think this will be a good start i hope. Do you want to meet me one day a romantic single Vietnamese Girl? I can be that Vietnamese Girl that can be your Vietnamese Girlfriend.

So, Are I that Vietnamese Girl? Send me a mail I will wait for you and your mail. I hope you start to think about my kiss and hug one day it will happen. Hug and Kiss Phuong


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