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Hi! My Name is Lanh and I am a Single Vietnamese Girl and I looking for a Boyfriend. So, I hope this will be the beginning of a new life and a new relationship.

I am a Vietnamese girl that is looking for an American or Australian Guy that is around 40 years old. So, it’s a bit older than me but I think it is good for us.

Also, I hope it will be a wonderful experience to date an older man. A man that has more experience and have more patience with language and other things.

So, you maybe want to know something about my life. I come from a small Vietnamese village my family is farmers and grow rice.

I am the oldest of 3 sisters and I have an older brother that is in the Army and he lives in Saigon. I work in a small furniture factory and I work with the design.

I live in a small apartment with my best friend. I love to do the design and I do my own design of small things all from cups to flowers and curtains to windows.

Sometimes my friend thinks I am a bit crazy ha ha ha.  But she loves me so she let me do what I want as long as I not make it in Pink.

So, now I tell you about me and my life. So, I hope you are a man that loves to travel and maybe you been in  Vietnam and love the food and us, Vietnamese Girls.

I hope I can be that  Vietnamese Girl that can be your Vietnamese Girlfriend. So, send me that mail so we can talk about love and the future. Hug Lanh

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