Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girls – Yen

I am a Vietnamese Girl that looking for love and a real Gentleman that love to give a Girl flower and I hope he want to marry me. I am a romantic Vietnamese Girl that love to read love stories and I love romantic movies. I love to try to drink wine it looks so […]

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My Thai Cupid Members
Thai Girls

Thai Girls – Namfon

Hi! My name is Namfon i am a single Thai Girl and I live in Bangkok with my mom and my 2 older sister. It was my older sister that tell me about My Thai Cupid.com. Hug Namfon in Bangkok

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Japanese Girls

Japanese Girls -Kimi

Konnichiwa My name is Kimi and i am a 20 years old Japanese Girl form Osaka. I live in Tokyo and I work with flower and I do flower arrangements for Hotels, weddings and so on. I looking for a kind good American man that want to meet a Japanese Girl for a long time […]

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Singapore Girls

Singapore Girls – Azzy

HI! I am Azzy a Singapore Girl That just find Single Asian Girl and I love it. I want to be the first Asian Girl That find love on single Asian Girl.com. I live in Singapore and I like to find love and I hope I can find an Australian or American man that love […]

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