Hong Kong Girl Love..
Hong Kong Girls

Hong Kong Girl – Wan

Hi! I am Wan A Hong Kong Girl that hopes to find an American man to be my Boyfriend. So, I never try Internet dating and now I want to try. I believe in love and all that, BUT sometimes you most do some crazy things. I do it now I go online to meet […]

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Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girls – Kieu

HI! I am Kieu a 22 years old Vietnamese Girl I come to Single Asian Girl to find Happiness, Love, A Husband, and a Future with a good man. I am a good Vietnamese Girl that live here in a small village with big rice field. I sorry I do not have a good photo […]

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Korean Girls

Korean Girls – Me Yon

Hi! I am Me Yon a young cute Korean Girl I come to Single Asian Girl to find love and a good Husband that I can love and have a happy life with. I hope I can meet an American Guy or a Norwegian guy I have a Korean friend living in Oslo she meet […]

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Thai Girls

Thai Girl – Lat

HI! My name is Lat and i live in Pattaya in Thailand. I am a Single Thai Girl that just see this website and I like to try it and see what happens. I like to see if I can find love and a good, kind man and husband. I am a Happy Thai Girl […]

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Indonesian Girls

Indonesian Girls – Ati

HI! I am a Single Indonesian Girl that live in Surabaya is my first time i try internet dating. I hope it can open a door to a new world and a man that I never can find in Surabaya. I looking for an American man or Australian man I talk English so it easier […]

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Filipino Girls

Filipino Girls – Ann

Hello! My name is Ann and is a happy Filipino Girl living in Manila I work at a post office and help people to send packages all over Philippines and worldwide. Sometimes I dream that I get to go to some of the places, I look at the address on the packages. I dream of […]

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