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Hot Japanese Girl hope to find love

HI! I am Rieko a Japanese Girl and I am looking for a Husband. So, I am Rieko and is living in Chiba I live with 2 other Japanese Girls.

We are living in a small house and I have 2 jobs one in a small food shop and I sing in a band in a restaurant.

I love to play the guitar and sing. Also, I love poetry and I do some small things that I share on my blog that I have.

So, I am a romantic Japanese Girl with a big heart so I hope you are nice to me. My English is okay but I want to learn more English.

If you are from another country is Okay for me but I hope you can or know something about Japan culture or open to learning about my life.

I also hope you are fun and open to meet me in Japan. I see my best friend that find love in a dating site and I see the ups and some crazy downs.

Also, some crazy mix up because of the languishing problem but in the end all is good and love. I think I am ready to be a good Japanese wife.

So send me a message and tell me about you and your life. Maybe you have a photo and an e mail. I have Line and skype so we can talk. Big hug Rieko


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