Indonesian Girl – Annisa

Indonesian Girl looking for true love

Hi! I am a Single Indonesian Girl and my name is Annisa. So, I am an Indonesian Girl that live in Balikpapan a cost city in Indonesia.

But I am in the age to get married and I want to find my love my self before mom or some other in my family find the right man for me ha ha ha.

I have been looking around and I see Indonesian Cupid and I find Asian me and Single Asian Girl. I think I will try all and see what happen.

I looking for a boyfriend and a future husband that is a good and fun man that is easy to live with and be his Indoneseian Girlfriend.

I can talk English but I hope you can talk some small words of Indonesia. I hope you been to Indonesia or live here in Indonesia.

I don’t care so much where you come from but I hope that you have a big heart and if you want me to move to your country.

I hope you first plan to come to Indonesia to meet my family and me in Indonesia so they let me go with you and maybe we can make a small trip around Indonesia.

So, you can see my Beautifull country with the beach and the sea and the forest with all the nature that we have.

Also, I like to cook my Indonesian food that I am so good on and I want to make you happy. So, do you want to have me as your Indoneseian Girlfriend?

Do, you want a new life with an Indonesian Girlfriend? Eat good Indonesian food every day? Start your new life with me with a message. Hug Annisa

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