Indian Girl – Prafula

HI! I am Prafula and I am an Indian Girl that looking for a good Husband. So, I am an open and happy Indian Girl that dreams about love.

I have a call center here in Bangalore that is helping American companies with Custom care. So, Is me and my sister that run It.

But It’s my brother in America that pays the first money to make it happen. We have a good life but I feeling is time to think about a husband and family.

But now I am a single Indian Girl that loves to work and on my days off I try to travel as much I can. I have been to Europe and America.

I love to see new countries and meet new people. Also, I love to see if I can find new markets for us. So, I have been to England and Irland.

So, that is where I building up a new net of customers. Also, where I hope I can find my Husband. I love England and Irland too.

I love the green land and the people the beer and the food. I love to cook and I dream to open a new Indian restaurant.

I hope this is my dream to find a man that loves Indian food and want to build a future together. I have the money that we need.

But we need hard work to make it happen. So, I am looking for a good man. Fun and open to a new life with a lot of work but good money in the end.

So, do you want an Indian wife? Come and talk to me about life and what your dream is for us. Send me a message. Hug Prafula


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