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Indian Girl

HI! I am a Single Indian Girl that looking for an American Husband. My name is Aaral and I am an Indian Girl that love speed in my life.

Also, I believe and I enjoy spreading joy and Happiness around me. I love to smile and be around people. I also love to be with my family.

I come to Single Asian Girl to find love and an American Husband. I am a bit scared but at the same time, it is very exciting.

I a single Indian Girl will maybe meet an American man. I have never been thinking about internet dating. But I read a love story online.

That story opens my eyes to dating online. So, I have been looking and I find Single Asian Girl and I like to try it and see if I can find a Husband.

So, I am a nurse and work in a smaller privet hospital. I love my work and I love that I can help people that are sick.

What I am looking for is a nice man that are fun and love speed in his life. A man who wants a happy and positive Indian girlfriend.

Also, A man who is a gentleman and that love to give me flowers and be a bit romantic. I love to do romantic things like a romantic dinner.

I love candles and cook some good Indian food maybe a glass of wine. I hope that I can make you happy with my cooking and I hope you will love me.

So, I hope you see my story and I hope you love Indian food so I can make you happy after a long day at work and you come home and is hungry. Hug Aaral


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