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Cute Hong Kong Girl

Hi! I am Wai a Hong Kong Girl that love Romantic Man. I am a Hong Kong Girl that looking for a future Husband and a man for our future family.

So, I am a Hot Hong Kong Girl that live in Hong Kong. I have my own company that works with the rental of properties here in Hong Kong.

So, I am a 28 years old Hong Kong Girl that never find the right man to marry. But Now I think and feel that I can do that.

I have a great Team that takes care of my company so I don’t need to think about it every day. But I like to have a family and a Husband.

Also, I have money so I not a Hong Kong Girl that you need to take care of. I Maybe looking for an American or Australian man that want into Hong Kong.

Maybe you want to start a new life. New friends, New family, and a beginning of something new. Do the most Girls move to the husband I hope you can do the opposite?

Therefore, I hope you want to contact me and talk about your dreams and plans. Also, If you are from the other country I am open for that too.

The most important thing is you and that you are a gentleman love to be romantic and sweet. Not in a bad way I don’t like fake people.

So, Be your self and be open to me. Let me see your personality and the inside of you. That is all I care about. But I hope you like to tell me about your life too. Hug Wai


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