Filipino Girl – Maria

Filipino Girl looking for Boyfriend

Hi! Guys, I am a Filipino Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. So, I am a young Filipino Girl and my name is Maria and I am 19 years old.

I live in Manila and I work in a Hospital my job is to keep it clean and safe. I love my job because I know it important. But as a single Filipino Girl,

I know is time to meet a man get married and in time get a family. So, I looking för a man that can and want to make my dream come true.

Also, I hope I can meet a man that love the Philippines and have been here. I just want to make sure you love living in the Philippines.

So, you and I can go on holiday to the Philippines and see my family and I hope in time it will be like your family.

Also, I hope you will love them like I hope you will love me. So, what man is it I looking for? I looking for is a Christian man.

You can drink but I hope you don’t smoke or plan to stop smoke after you meet me. But that is just one thing I hope you love children that is important for me.

The other thing is that you make me happy. That is that you are good and that you listen to me and my feelings. I need a romantic man that care and love me.

This is not big thinks but important for me. So, do you want to meet me and that I will be your Filipino Girlfriend?

So, what is your dream do you want to talk to me if so send me a mail. I wish it will go as I dream much love and many kisses and you and me. whit love Hug Maria


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