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HI! I am a Single Chinese Girl and I am looking for a Boyfriend. I am from a small village in China but I am single and I like to find a Boyfriend.

For the moment I work in a company in Shenzhen I find a job online. I work with the development of software and I been studying for the last 3 years.

So, I have a fun life in front of the computer. But I thinking of a life with a family. I am a bit afraid I don’t know where this will take me.

Maybe another part of China? America? or Europe you never know about love. I have been dreaming about what will happen.

I will wake up and see Paris and the Eiffel tower or Wake up in America and see Gran Canyon. What will happen if you send me a message?

Where will you and I wake up? In a hotel the next time. Where will you take me? My heart is jumping and I can see in my dream you kissing me and we are happy.

So, let’s try and see what happen. I can see us in a romantic place. I just waiting for you to send me a mail. Hug Bik


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