Thai Girls – Thiang

Thiang a Thai Girl from Chiang Rai (Small)
Hi! My name is Thiang i live in Chiang Rai and I am a Single Thai Girl and I like to find love. So I find My Thai and I hope this is the right place to find real love.

I looking for a Good man from USA or Australia I think they are nice and I meet some on my work in Chiang Rai is fun to talk some English but I don’t think my English is good but I hope you will understand me.

I looking for a man that is good and fun I hope you have a big heart. I am a single Thai Girl that like to smile and I like to talk to my friends.

I don’t like to be home I like to have people around me all the time to feel good. I live with 3 Thai Girls in one apartment.

We all work in the same place and it makes the life more easy we are like sisters we fight one day and the next we are the best friends. I hope you like me come and look for me in the new My Thai Hug Thiang

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