Indonesian Girl – Diann

Hi! Guys, I am an Indonesian Girl That looking for a Boyfriend. I am Indonesian Girl and my name is Diann this is my first time to go online.

This is my first time trying internet dating. I am so excited and Happy and I really hope you are like this my heart jumping and I have that feeling.

I hope that this will work. I am an Indonesian Girl that come from a small Island. But now I live in a big city.

I didn’t want to move to the city. But you know the school is in the city. So, I didn’t have a choice it was just too smiling and move.

Also, it was good to see a new life. I have been studying tourism. But I want to study more about Animals and nature.

But I also like to find love and a man that is romantic and fun. A man to share my life and the future with here in Indonesia or some other country.

I like to say so much more but I am scared I maybe say too many crazy things. So, I just want to say to you please send me a mail. Hug Diann


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