Vietnamese Girls – Tien

Posted by on Dec 11 2018 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! I am a single Vietnamese Girl that looking for an American Boyfriend.  My name is Tien and I live in Ho Chi Minh City.

I have a good life with many friends, but I am missing a man a real man that I canlove of all my heart.

Therefore, I come to this website I hope like all the Asian Girls to find love. Also, I am hoping a nice, good man come and look for me on this website.

I see there is a Vietnamese Dating site maybe I most try its website. So, come and talk to me and maybe we can have a good time and if we find love?

We can have a great life together. Don’t wait too long so someone takes me from you. Hug Tien

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Filipino Girls – Kate

Posted by on Dec 09 2018 | Filipino Girls

 sweet Filipino Girl

Hi! I am a Filipino Girl that looking for an American boyfriend. It’s my first time come on to this dating site and I love it.

I am a single Filipino Girl that looking for a good and friendly guy that is fun and happy.

My life in the Philippines is good I work in an office and I take care of my boss call and mail and all around his meetings.


So, I have good work, but I want to travel, and I hope I can meet an American or European guy.

I want to learn about a new culture and lifestyle. So do you want to start to talk to me? send me a mail so we can talk. Hug Kate

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Indian Girl – Anne

Posted by on Dec 06 2018 | Filipino Girls

Hi! I am an Indian Girl that looking for Love and an American Husband. My Dream is to find a guy that love Indian Girls. I think you must be a good man a gentleman.

I hope you are a bit older and love Indian lifestyle and Indian food. I love to cook Indian food and love to have my family on dinner.

It’s my life and I am a family oriented Girl. I don’t like that drinking and party like crazy lifestyle. But I love to be with friends and family.

What more can I tell you I love to travel, and I been around Asia and I love Thailand where I was last year. I hope you want to be a part of my life. I hope you want a good Indian Girl as your Indiana wife.

I hope you want to be a part of my life maybe travel and have fun. Send me a message so we can talk I want to see your photo soon and talk to you on skype. Hug Anne

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Japanese Girl – Kei

Posted by on Dec 01 2018 | Japanese Girls

Hi! My name is Kei and I am a single Japanese Girl that is working as a Teacher in a smaller Japanese town.

I like to see if they are some American or Australian man that love to have me as theirs, Japanese Girlfriend? I look for a man that knows who to be a gentleman and is open and fun and kind.

Maybe you love to travel and plan a trip to Japan. I love to show you a bit of my country if you want to see a bit of Japan. I teach math and chemistry it too things I really love to do.

On my free time, I love to walk and look at the old garden and the Japanese culture and History we have a lot of that. I love plants and I love to have a nice Garden one time of my life.

So, I hope you can send me a mail and tell me what you dream about. Where you like to travel and what you love to do in your life. Hug Kei

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Chinese Girls – Ai

Posted by on Nov 26 2018 | Chinese Girls

HI! My name is Ai and I am a Chinese Girl that love art and I love to work with my camera. I am a single Chinese Girl that come to this Asian Dating site too, find love.

Also, I want to find a Husband that respect my art and my work and my body. I love my photo and my body, and I don’t think is a bad thing to show my body.

My small experience of internet dating is that guys like to see a lot in cam when you talk online so sooner or later it will happen.

OKAY so to the point I want to meet a good guy that love to have a Chinese Girlfriend with a strong mind and that love to work hard.

My work is most on computers and photos I do a lot of weddings, company’s websites and much more. When I don’t work, I spend my time with my camera.

My hobby is to take photos on people and animals in the city. All from street dogs to birds and other animals.

But I like to find some one that is single like me and want to find love and a Chinese Girlfriend like me. So, if you want a bit wild Chinese Girlfriend that will make your life different, I am the one.

A big heart I have, I am romantic open and when I am in love, I will fight for you and over life. I love to have a family in the future with you. Hug Ai

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Indonesian Girls – Dewi

Posted by on Nov 22 2018 | Indonesian Girls

HI! I am a single Indonesian Girl that looking for a good Australian man or maybe an American man. But America is so far away I don’t know.

We will see who send mail to me. American, Australian, Swedish maybe I have a friend’s sister that has a Swedish husband.

But I am like Australians and American Guys they are open and fun to talk to when they come back to the hotel and ask for the room keys and want to small talk a bit.

I love to ask if people have a good time in my town. But it’s no place to look for love and a gentleman so it’s why I come online to this Asian dating site.

I also see this other Indonesian cupid maybe I must try it too. But for now, I start with this profile and I hope you will send me a mail. Hug Dewi

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Thai Girls – Sai

Posted by on Nov 20 2018 | Thai Girls

Hi! My name is Sai and I am a single Thai Girl from Buriram, but I live in Bangkok. I am a 22 years old Thai Girl that looking for love and a Husband.

So, I live with a friend that has been hunting for love on Thai Cupid and she been talking to so many guys.

But now I think she finds a good American man that soon will come to Bangkok to meet my friend for the first time.

Therefore, I love to try this website and I love just to send mail and not sit in the can and talk to some stupid guys that just want to see my body as my friend said.

So, are you a good guy maybe American like my friend’s Boyfriend it would be fun and we all can travel together and have more fun. Let’s talk and send me a mail. Hug Sai

More Thai Girls on the new My Thai

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Japanese Girls – Haia

Posted by on Nov 18 2018 | Japanese Girls

Hi! My name is Haia and I am a Single Japanese Girl that live in Tokyo. I work in a call center for an Insurance company.

It’s good work that I love I get to help people to be safe if something happens. But for love is no Insurance is just a step of faith.

I want to find love and a long time relationship with a European man or American man I hope we can be married in the end.

I am looking for a man that loves Japans culture and Japan food. I see I tv show from England they build a House in Japan style and I love to have a life like this.

A man that love Japan if I can find a man like that I don’t care if I live in Japan or America or Europe or?

So, if you are a man that is open to Japan and love Japanese Girls and want to talk to me. Send me a mail and tell me about you and I hope you are a gentleman. Hug Haia

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Chinese Girls – Yan

Posted by on Nov 18 2018 | Chinese Girls

HI! My Name is Yan and I am a Chinese Girl that live in Peking. I am a Single Girl that looking for an Asian man or American man.

I talk to a friend and she was talking about internet dating it sounds fun and a new way for me to find love and a Husband.

So, I am a bit scared of the internet, but I hope I can find love. I have been traveling a bit around Asia like Thailand and Hong Kong.

I love to travel around my next trip I hope I can do is to Burma or Myanmar as some say. I love to look around as on internet on travel websites and YouTube.

I have been thinking about a romantic travel date when we feel is time. Maybe we can meet in Burma or Cambodia or? I don’t know what you think.

But it’s can be a fun way to meet and later you can follow me for some days to China. I love to show you my home and my life and my city. So guys send me a mail and tell me what you think. Hug Yan

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Indian Girls – Maba

Posted by on Nov 15 2018 | Indian Girls

HI! I am a Single Indian Girl that live in one of Indians Big cities. I am a free member on that Asian Dating site.

I was clicking around on the internet and I find this Single Asian Girl and I like it. And I was thinking is free so why not?

So, I hope I can find love and a Husband. I love to move abroad to America or England maybe. I love to see London one day.

Therefore, I hope I can find a romantic man with a big heart that can be my husband in the future. I hope you have been in India and love Indian Food and culture.

Maybe you know some Indian word. I hope you love to look at Indian movies with me. I have so much I will say but I will begin like this.

So, send me a mail and a photo so I can know a bit of your life and what you hope about the future. Big Hug Amba

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