Indonesian Girls – Tika

Posted by on Oct 14 2018 | Indonesian Girls

HI! My name is Tika a Indonesian Girl. I am 21 years old and I love to find an American Guy. Me and my family live in a small Indonesian village.

I work in a small shop and I love my life. But I love to find a man to marriage. I know it’s a big step to get marriage, but I think I am ready to take that step.

So, do you want a happy Indonesian Girlfriend? Are you a single man in Australia, American or Europe and been to Indonesia and love the people and the food maybe you are the man for me.

So send me a message and a photo and let us talk a bit and see what happen maybe we can meet in Indonesia one time before we take the big step. Hug Tika

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Indian Girls – Darpan

Posted by on Oct 09 2018 | Indian Girls

HI! My name is Darpan and I is an Indian Girl. I live in Bombay with my family in a big house and I have my small apartment on the top floor.

It’s a House with 4 apartments and a big ground floor Apartment where mom and dad are living in. My Dad has a construction company.

I work some time on my dads’ company with the documentation that he needs. I go to school, so I can do economic and documentation for companies.

My dream is to find an American guy that wants to marry and open a company and build a future in India with me.

I do all the paperwork you do what you are the best on maybe IT or? I can do a lot of thinks that is good for us. So send me a message so we can talk. Hug Darpan

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Singapore Girls – Jasmine

Posted by on Oct 07 2018 | Singapore Girls

HI! I am a Single Girl from Singapore that just see this web site and is thinking that I must try it. My name is Jasmine, so you know.

I am a 23 years old Singapore Girl and I don’t really know what I want to say to you. But I am a Singapore Girl that is love to paint and I love to play violin and classic music.

But I like to change the classic music to maybe rock I see some that to that on YouTube they are crazy good on what they do.

I’m not so brave than I dare try playing rock and play on YouTube. But this is a bit about myself, but I love to find a man that the understanding of his girlfriend’s artist life.

Or should he say music life maybe you sing and we can have some fun together like a crazy rock team ha ha ha. But you most be good and kind to me.

I will make my part to love you and all that, so you be happy with me. So, Send me a mail or come and look for me on the Singapore dating site. Hug Jasmine

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Vietnamese Girls – Cam

Posted by on Oct 03 2018 | Vietnamese Girls

HI! My name is Cam and I am a single Vietnamese Girl. As a Single Vietnamese Girl, I like to change my life and find love and a good Boyfriend.

Maybe an American man that love Vietnamese Girls and want to find a Vietnamese Girlfriend. I am looking for a long-time relationship it’s important for me.

In time expect us to marry when we feel it’s right for us. So, do you like to meet me? A Girl that love to have fun and love sport on tv and in real life.

I love nature and the sea. I have a dream to learn to windsurf that I only see on the internet and YouTube.

Maybe you are the man that will make my dream come true. So, tell me a bit of your life and what I can dream about when I come to live with you. Hug Cam

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Singapore Girls – Xin

Posted by on Sep 30 2018 | Singapore Girls

Hi! My Name is Xin and I am a Single Singapore Girl and I looking for an American Boyfriend. I see some other Singapore Girl have try this dating site.

So, I think it’s a good way too try and like I think they sing up to that other dating site for Singapore Girls.

I have been clicking on that link and I think I will be a member soon. But about me, I am 23 years old and I live in Singapore in a small apartment.

I and my sister is the only family I have. So maybe my sister will come to this website later if I have luck and find love. But for now, is just me.

I am a happy Singapore Girl that love romantic books and romantic blogs that I can read online. My heart gets so happy when I get flowers.

My heart gets crazy and starts too beat hard and I love pink Roses. I know that the color of love is red, but I love my pink roses.

So now you know one way to my heart. So, now you know one way to my heart. Let’s start with this and I hope you come and look for me. Hug Xin

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Filipino Girls – Anne

Posted by on Sep 29 2018 | Filipino Girls

HI! I am Anne and I am a single Filipino Girl and I hope I can meet an American guy or maybe an Australian man. It’s 2 country’s I have dream about to live in.

But I hope someone will see my story. So, I am a Filipino Girl that love to travel. I have been around Asia on a big cruise ship.

I work in the kitchen and I am a educate cook and I cook Asian Food. I think I am good at it and I love the life on the sea.

So, I am looking after a man that may be working on a ship or? and want to come and go or maybe can work on the same ship in the future.

I am open to work on a long way relationship. Or maybe you work on an oil rig and like me work for a longer time and come back home to be with my family. So, let us talk on skype. Hug Anne

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Hong Kong Girls – Wai

Posted by on Sep 24 2018 | Hong Kong Girls

I am a Hong Kong Girl and I been looking around and google show me this Asian dating site. I am looking for a man in Hong Kong I think.

But I am a single Hong Kong Girl and I think it’s time for me to find Love and if it’s in Hong Kong, America or some other country we will see.

I don’t care so much about that part I work with IT and I only need a computer and the internet and I can make money. I love to work on the computer and see all think you can do.

So, the internet and computers are a big part of my life and now I hope I will find a man online. True love and along life with someone. Hug Wai

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Japanese Girls – Mai

Posted by on Sep 18 2018 | Japanese Girls

HI! I am a Single Japanese Girl and I am 31 years old. I have a young daughter and I looking for an American Guy. We live In a Tokyo in a small apartment on the 85th floor in a skyscraper.

I have my oven company and I make good money. I love to play with my daughter and walk in the park and let my daughter play in the park.

I am looking for a guy that is single with or without children. I think It’s time to get married and maybe get a child more before it’s too late.

I can think a life in another country if it’s a good place for my daughter to grow up. I love my life I work on IT websites mobile apps and all that my customers ask me to make.

I can run my company from my home or your home, so I don’t care where I live. But I want a life with love and happiness.

I want to meet a man that can see I have a brain and can make money. A man that can be happy when I make over life good not like Japanese Guys. I am So angry at Japanese Guys. I will wait for your mail. Hug Mai

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Vietnamese Girls – Hoa

Posted by on Sep 16 2018 | Vietnamese Girls

HI! I am Hoa a Single Vietnamese Girl. I live in a Small City with a University and I study Economy and marketing.

I am 19 years old soon I will be 20 and I hope will or can find an American Boyfriend before I end my school at the end of this year.

I am a fun happy Vietnamese Girl that love to be with my friends and I love a small home party with my friends.

I love to fix the food and the drinks. I love to spend my time on YouTube and I look for drinks and new food that I can try out on my friends.

Most of the time I get it right and all my friends are happy. But last week I think I give my friends a bad stomach the day after my friend was bad. I tell my friend he drinks too much whiskey ha ha ha.

My friend says ok that can be true. But I think is maybe was me it must be the fish. I hate fish is so hard to get it good I think.

So, I am looking for an American Guy an American Boyfriend. I hope you have been in Vietnam and love to spend time here.

I am looking for a man that love to get new friends and maybe you can talk some Vietnamese and know a bit about the life here.

Are you that man I am looking for? send me a message or I see the Vietnamese dating site they have adds on I will try that too I think. Hug Hoa

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Singapore Girls – Gen

Posted by on Sep 12 2018 | Singapore Girls

Hi! I am A single Singapore Girl that looking for love and a boyfriend. I think I like to find an American Boyfriend maybe you live in Singapore already.

Anyway, I am looking for a good boyfriend and if it’s not an American dream boy I can be a lucky Girl some time dreams is just a dream and the real love will be a man you don’t dream about.

But for sure you must be good for me and be a bit of fun and love people. I live in a small apartment with 2 other Singapore girls and my friends work in a supermarket and I work in a local Restaurant.

It’s fun and I meet a lot of people and one of the girls was talking about this website with her friends.

So, I go home and look and now a year later I think its time to try the luck to find an American boyfriend.

So are you looking for a Singapore Girlfriend or Singapore wife are you good and have a good heart? I hope you will contact me. Hug Gen

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