Thai Girls – Fon

Posted by on Oct 05 2017 | Thai Girls

Hi! I am a single Thai Girl that live in Bangkok and I come to Single Asian Girl to find love and a good husband.

I am 22 years old Thai Girl and I live in Bangkok in a small apartment with a friend and here American Boyfriend. It’s was he that tell me about this web site.

His friend meets his Thai Girlfriend on this web site so they say try and maybe you find love and a boyfriend. So, let us try.

I am a fun happy Thai Girl and have a big smile and I love to read books and I love to play PlayStation ha ha ha,

I think I like to do stuff that boys like to do. Beer, Sports and party. So I hope it will be a start and I hope some contact me. Hug Fon

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Malaysian Girls – Mira

Posted by on Oct 03 2017 | Malaysian Girls

HI! I am Mira a single Girl from Malaysia, I am looking for love and a good man to marry and live a long life with.

I am a good Malaysian Girl from a small city where I work in a dentist office is a decent work for me and I love it.

So,tell me about your life and let us see if we can have fun and have a future, a family and a new life. Hug Mira

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Filipino Girls – Ann

Posted by on Sep 15 2017 | Filipino Girls

HI! I am Ann and I am a Filipino Girl that live in Manila but I come from a small Island but I go to the university in Manila.

I hope I can find love and I love to meet a good man to get marry to and I hope I can find a man that love to meet me. I have a dream to meet my dreams man and I hope you will see me in Manila in the future. Hug Ann

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Posted by on Sep 13 2017 | My Thai Cupid Members, Thai Girls

HI! I am Nook and I am a single Thai Girl living in Bangkok and I am 23 years old. I love to find a good guy that love Thailand and love Thai people.

I am a good and happy Thai Girl that love to talk to people and for the moment. I study at half time and work at a shop for the rest of the time.

I have a dream to be a teacher and I love to find a Farang a man from Europe, American or Australia. I love to meet a fun man that can make me smile and make me feel good.

I hope we can start to talk and I hope love will come in time and I hope we can meet for real soon in Bangkok. Hug Nook

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Posted by on Sep 13 2017 | My Thai Cupid Members, Thai Girls


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Hong Kong Girls – Jing

Posted by on Jun 24 2017 | Chinese Girls, Hong Kong Girls

HI! I am a 24 years old Chinese Girl that just start a new life in Hong Kong and I love to find a good guy that live in Hong Kong and are looking for love.

I come from Beijing and I work in a bank and my new life is in the banking system in Hong Kong. I love money and I love to make money is why I move to Hong Kong. But what is a life with money and no Love?

I want to find love and as a Good Chinese Girl I cannot run around like you guys can do party and ha ha ha you know. I am a good Girl but I love to joke and have fun,

I love to do fun thinks like travel and I love to go out with friends. I am looking for an older man that is ready to stop party but still want to have fun with me. So do you want a Chinese Girlfriend? I wait for your mail Jing

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Malaysian Girls – Wan

Posted by on Jun 23 2017 | Malaysian Girls

HI! I am a Malaysian Girl, I am Single but I am looking for love and a boyfriend that I can love and take care of. I am a happy Malaysian Girl that have a life in speed and fun.

I work with children and it give me so much in my life. But as single girl and I most think about me and my future so now I just want to meet a good man that can be my husband.

I hope when the time is right you will come and meet me in Malaysia and get to know me more good and you can see my real life and my family. Hug from Wan

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Korean Girls – Bong Cha

Posted by on Jun 20 2017 | Korean Girls

HI! I am Bong Cha a Korean Girl that looking for Love and I come online to find a Asian or a Caucasian man that want to marry a Korean Girl.

I am open to move from Korea but if you want or live in Korea is okay for me. I Just finish my study in Computer and building apps.

I love to work in with App’s technology build and development of APP’s is sun and the future is good for me in Korea or some other country where I find love and a new life. So, guys do you want to be with a Korean Girl?

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Thai Girls – Fon

Posted by on Jun 17 2017 | Thai Girls

Sawadee I am a single Thai Girl that is here for the first time i look online for love. I live in a small town and I have a small restaurant at the Gas station.

We live on the buss traffic that pass on the way to Phuket and other part of Thailand. I am a 28 years old Thai Girl and I looking for an older man that what to slow down and live in Thailand.

I can tell you we have a good life in the village and you will have friends that talk English. So, let us talk and we see what happens. Hug from your new Thai Girlfriend Fon

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Chinese Girls – Dongmei

Posted by on Jun 15 2017 | Chinese Girls

Hi! Guys I am a Chinese Girl that live in a small Chinese City. I am a single Chinese Girl that Studying history and when I can, I work as a guide.

I love Chinese History and Art I love to go to museum and learn more about history old kings and old people. I love to find a guy that see the future in history and tourist and want to live in China.

I believe we can open a travel company and show people the great China and I believe it can be a new life for us. Hug Dongmei

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