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Chinese Girls – Lin

HI! I am a Chinese Girl I live in a small city i just finish school and my study in economic so I hope I can work in a bank or something like that I love Economic and make money grow.

I love my life but I hope I can find a good guy and maybe move abroad to find love and work and when the time is a right move back to China to build over dream life.

So we can have the best of China and maybe Europe, Australia or America if you want that. I know I can make money grow I am not poor and last year was a great year for me I buy a house with some of that money I make online.

I hope I can find you that want to have a Chinese Wife and love China and History. We have much of History in China I hope you love Chinese food it’s the only thing.

I good at cooking Chinese food but I love to spend time in the kitchen and to cook. Let’s start to talk I just a message away. Hug Lin

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