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Posted by on Oct 23 2016 | Chinese Girls

HI! I am a Chinese Girl I live in a small city i just finish school and my study in economic so I hope I can work in a bank or something like that I love Economic and make money grow.

I love my life but I hope I can find a good guy and maybe move abroad to find love and work and when the time is right move back to China to build over dream life.

So we can have the best of China and maybe Europe, Australia or America if you want that. I know I can make money grow I am not poor and last year was a great year for me I buy a house with some of that money i make online.

I hope I can find you that want to have a Chinese Wife and love China and History. We have much of History in China I hope you love Chinese food it’s the only thing.

I good on cooking Chinese food but I love to spend time in the kitchen and to cook. Let’s start to talk I just a message away. Hug Lin

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