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Posted by on Mar 23 2016 | My Thai Cupid Members, Thai Girls

Nid a Thai Girl (Small)
HI! I am a Nid a single Thai Girl that looking for love and a boyfriend. My best friend try My Thai 2 years ago. Now she is on an airplane to a new country a new home and a new life with her first love.

She tells me she was a little bit scared and worried. I am the same now when I hope I can do the same thing as my friend.

I am worried about love and to meet a guy that I don’t know will he be nice to me or be big as my sister’s husband.

I just a young Thai Girl that want to find love and get married as fast I can I believe love will come later my friend said.

So send me a photo and a mail and we see if I will send you a mail back with my mobile number mail and all that. Hug Nid

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