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Korean Girls – Me Yon

Korean Girls - Mee Yon (Small)
Hi! I am Me Yon a young cute Korean Girl I come to Single Asian Girl to find love and a good Husband that I can love and have a happy life with.

I hope I can meet an American Guy or a Norwegian guy I have a Korean friend living in Oslo she meet a guy online on Korean Cupid.com 3 years ago.

I am a Korean Girl that loves to joke and have fun with my friends. I Love to go to the beach and I love to play ping pong.

I am good at ping pong and when I was younger I played in a club. I was dreaming that I will be the best in the world ha ha ha.

I looking for a guy that maybe like to play ping pong and have a big heart I looking for you that is fun and love Asia and Korean Girls. If you are lucky I can be your Korean Girlfriend. Hug Me, Yon

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