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Filipino Girls – Amy

Amy a Filipno Girl (Small)
I am Amy a Filipino Girl that looking for a American man I am about to move to America and Florida with my mom and her Husband that are American.

His company orders him back to the head office for a big work as the new boss for the sale office. So I was thinking is time for me to find a good Boyfriend and husband.

So why not start before I come to Big America. I love to meet a man in Florida that are fun and have a big smile.

I am a Filipino Girl that love the nature and I love Animals I have a 6 meter big Reticulated Python that I mostly let my brother take care of.

I love cooking and I love to look on TV. I hope I can find a man that love nature like me and I love to meet a man that I can do stuff with like travel walk in the nature, fishing and other things like that. Hug Amy


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