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Indonesian Girls – Tika

Indonesian Girls - Tika (Small)
Hi! I am an Indonesian Girl that looking for love and a future Husband. I Live on a small island we just get the first internet line with good speed.

So now I can be online more and it’s not so expensive anymore. My family has a small Hotel where I work so I can talk English and I love to talk to people.

I looking for a good man that love Indonesia and love to travel to my country. I looking for a man with a big heart that can be my friend and the big love in my life.

So do you want to meet an Indonesian Girl with a big heart and a big smile? Do you want a good Indonesian Girlfriend and a future Indonesian wife?

I hope that I can be that for you and I hope we can have a long and good life together so if you want to meet me send me a mail. Hug Tika


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