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May a Malaysian Girl
HI! I am a single Malaysian Girl that live in Kula Lumpur my name is May is what my friends call me. My real name only my mom say when she is angry on me.

So I am May I have good office work and in the evenings I work on my dreams in my photo studio. I want to build my future and my company I will be a known photographer in the future is my dream anyway.

So now you know about my dreams and my life but I am single and I like to find a man that can help me and be the one that I can talk about my company, life, love, and problem.

I need a rock in my life I hope someone wants to meet a Girl with dreams. I looking for a man with dreams and a good sense of money and the future but also who like art and photography and web designee so you can help me.

I hope you can be the one to put a stop to me if I would do anything stupid. Guys say I’m a Sexy Malaysian Girl I know it but I have a brain too and a big heart that I want to share with you. Hug May


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