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Posted by on Dec 30 2014 | Indonesian Girls

Indonesian Girl Maya (Small)
HI! I am A Indonesian Girl i work as a local Guide in Indonesia one of the place I love to go to is Pulau Laki in Jakarta I love the Beach and to walk on the beach and think about life.

I find a new website some days ago and it was Single Asian Girl. Is nice and I love it but I scared for what I will find if a send my story to Single Asian Girl.

I hope I can find what I looking for a nice and kind and open man that loves people and to travel. I looking for an Australian or American man that want to have an Indonesian wife or Indonesian Girlfriend.

I am a happy Indonesian Girl I love to cook Indonesian Food I like to sing and be with my family I love animals and I love to dive I love the sport and I love football.

I have 4 sisters and one older brother. I hope this will be a good start and I hope I am the Indonesian Girlfriend you been looking for. Hug Maya

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