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Amy a Indian Girl
HI! My name is Amy and i am a 28 years old Indian Girl. I work in a big office and I have a big room with a lot of papers and my computer that is my kingdom and I am the boss.

I find Single Asian Girl and was thinking maybe I can be lucky and find a Boyfriend. I looking for a American man or Australian man.

I looking for a man that are kind, good with a big smile and like that like to talk to people. I live in a small apartment with my younger Indian sister.

My mom live in the northern part of India in a small village with cousins, aunts and grandchildren around her. But my mom this is time to married and give her some more grandchildren.

So I looking of a man that can help me with my small problem ha ha ha. Send me a mail and i hope you have Skype so we can talk. Hug Amy

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