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Chinese Girls – Ai

HI! My name is Ai and I am a Chinese Girl that love art and I love to work with my camera. I am a single Chinese Girl that come to this Asian Dating site too, find love.

Also, I want to find a Husband that respect my art and my work and my body. I love my photo and my body, and I don’t think is a bad thing to show my body.

My small experience of internet dating is that guys like to see a lot in cam when you talk online so sooner or later it will happen.

OKAY so to the point I want to meet a good guy that love to have a Chinese Girlfriend with a strong mind and that love to work hard.

My work is most on computers and photos I do a lot of weddings, company’s websites and much more. When I don’t work, I spend my time with my camera.

My hobby is to take photos on people and animals in the city. All from street dogs to birds and other animals.

But I like to find some one that is single like me and want to find love and a Chinese Girlfriend like me. So, if you want a bit wild Chinese Girlfriend that will make your life different, I am the one.

A big heart I have, I am romantic open and when I am in love, I will fight for you and over life. I love to have a family in the future with you. Hug Ai


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