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Chinese Girls – Yan

HI! My Name is Yan and I am a Chinese Girl that live in Peking. I am a Single Girl that looking for an Asian man or American man.

I talk to a friend and she was talking about internet dating it sounds fun and a new way for me to find love and a Husband.

So, I am a bit scared of the internet, but I hope I can find love. I have been traveling a bit around Asia like Thailand and Hong Kong.

I love to travel around my next trip I hope I can do is to Burma or Myanmar as some say. I love to look around as on internet on travel websites and YouTube.

I have been thinking about a romantic travel date when we feel is time. Maybe we can meet in Burma or Cambodia or? I don’t know what you think.

But it’s can be a fun way to meet and later you can follow me for some days to China. I love to show you my home and my life and my city. So guys send me a mail and tell me what you think. Hug Yan


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