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Singapore Girls – Jasmine

Posted by on Oct 07 2018 | Singapore Girls

HI! I am a Single Girl from Singapore that just see this web site and is thinking that I must try it. My name is Jasmine, so you know.

I am a 23 years old Singapore Girl and I don’t really know what I want to say to you. But I am a Singapore Girl that is love to paint and I love to play violin and classic music.

But I like to change the classic music to maybe rock I see some that to that on YouTube they are crazy good on what they do.

I’m not so brave than I dare try playing rock and play on YouTube. But this is a bit about myself, but I love to find a man that the understanding of his girlfriend’s artist life.

Or should he say music life maybe you sing and we can have some fun together like a crazy rock team ha ha ha. But you most be good and kind to me.

I will make my part to love you and all that, so you be happy with me. So, Send me a mail or come and look for me on the Singapore dating site. Hug Jasmine

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Singapore Girls – Xin

Posted by on Sep 30 2018 | Singapore Girls

Hi! My Name is Xin and I am a Single Singapore Girl and I looking for an American Boyfriend. I see some other Singapore Girl have try this dating site.

So, I think it’s a good way too try and like I think they sing up to that other dating site for Singapore Girls.

I have been clicking on that link and I think I will be a member soon. But about me, I am 23 years old and I live in Singapore in a small apartment.

I and my sister is the only family I have. So maybe my sister will come to this website later if I have luck and find love. But for now, is just me.

I am a happy Singapore Girl that love romantic books and romantic blogs that I can read online. My heart gets so happy when I get flowers.

My heart gets crazy and starts too beat hard and I love pink Roses. I know that the color of love is red, but I love my pink roses.

So now you know one way to my heart. So, now you know one way to my heart. Let’s start with this and I hope you come and look for me. Hug Xin

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Singapore Girls – Gen

Posted by on Sep 12 2018 | Singapore Girls

Hi! I am A single Singapore Girl that looking for love and a boyfriend. I think I like to find an American Boyfriend maybe you live in Singapore already.

Anyway, I am looking for a good boyfriend and if it’s not an American dream boy I can be a lucky Girl some time dreams is just a dream and the real love will be a man you don’t dream about.

But for sure you must be good for me and be a bit of fun and love people. I live in a small apartment with 2 other Singapore girls and my friends work in a supermarket and I work in a local Restaurant.

It’s fun and I meet a lot of people and one of the girls was talking about this website with her friends.

So, I go home and look and now a year later I think its time to try the luck to find an American boyfriend.

So are you looking for a Singapore Girlfriend or Singapore wife are you good and have a good heart? I hope you will contact me. Hug Gen

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Singaporean Girls – Azzy

Posted by on Oct 29 2016 | Singapore Girls

HI! I am Azzy a Single Singaporean Girl I looking for a nice Guy that looking for a Singaporean Girlfriend I am a good girl I work with financing and loans for businesses.

I love my work is fun and it gives me challenges I need to thrive and do a good job. I love to travel and I like to do some shopping like all Girls.

I live alone in a small apartment but I dream about a life with a good guy but I don’t like bars and nightlife and drunk guys so are the internet that will be my way to love I think.

I hope to find you that love to travel to Asia maybe you travel to Singapore in Business and want to start a relationship with me that can grow into something nice.

I hope we get married in 2 – 3 years’ time maybe a small family can be the next step. I hope we can talk and we start slow maybe a cop of coffee someplace in Singapore. Hug Azzy

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Singapore Girls – Zena

Posted by on May 08 2016 | Singapore Girls

Zena - Singaporean Girl (Small)
HI! I am Zena a Single Singapore Girl and is my first time I go online to find love. I looking for a good guy maybe from China Australia or American that I hope live in Singapore if I am lucky.

My friend say that I am a fun cute Singaporean Girl that love to bee with friends and joke and have fun I love speed in my life.

I looking for a guy that love speed but can be the one to slow me down when we need. I looking for a guy that I can give my love and spoil with my love and my heart.

I want to be the one that takes care of you when you come home after a long day at work. I want to be all that you need I want to be your Singaporean Girlfriend and later I hope you want me to be your wife. Hug Zena

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Singaporean Girls – Wong

Posted by on Feb 29 2016 | Singapore Girls

Singaporean Girls - Wong (Small)
Hi! I am Wong a single Singaporean Girl I like to find a good Husband Maybe a Australian guy or a American Guy I have 2 dreams one is to live in Australia and see all the great nature.

And I love to live in America I see this TV show about people that go out in the nature to hunt for rocks and stones I maybe look like a soft Girl but I love to be outside.

I love the nature and I love to get a new life. I love to work hard and make big money. I like to fight to get what I want. I hope you are like me. Hug Wong

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Singaporean Girls – Fei Yen

Posted by on Jan 17 2016 | Singapore Girls

Fei Yen a Singaporean Girl (Small)
HI! I am Fei Yen and I am a Single Singaporean Girl that come to Single Asian Girl to find a sweet Boyfriend that I can love and for many years if I lucky all my life.

I am a sweet Singaporean Girl that love to paint and take photos and I love art. I spend a lot of time on art and photo gallery we have here in Singapore.

I love to meet a man that is open for art and love or want to learn about Asian Art that I love most. I have so much that I love to talk about.

I will give you one of my photos and if you love art and can paint? Send me a painting of me and we can start to talk. Hug Fei Yen

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Singaporean Girl – Jia-Xin

Posted by on Nov 30 2015 | Singapore Girls

Singaporean Girl Jia-Xin (Small)
HI! I am Jia-Xin a Single Singaporean Girl that live in Singapore. I am a happy Singaporean Girl I love a big smile and I never have a bad day or they are really rare.

I see problems like something fun to find a solution on. Is like now I want to find a boyfriend. I, not a party Girl so I do like many Girls I go online.

Is scary, I am worried but I hope you will be nice to me. I looking for a nice man that will be nice to me and have a good heart. I looking for the man I can love of all my heart.

I hope you live in Singapore but if you live abroad is not a problem. But I hope you want to come and meet me in Singapore before I travel to you. I looking for a long time relationship or marriage. Hug Jia-Xin

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Singaporean Girls – May

Posted by on Apr 13 2015 | Singapore Girls

Singaporean Girls - May (Small)
HI! My name is May, I am a single Singaporean Girl that just fined Single Asian Girl and I like to find a man on this web site if I can.

I am a good Singapore Girl I work in a bank office and I meet a lot of people that come in to take out or put in money in the bank.

I love the work in the bank you meet so many different people and you get a lot of friends too. I am a Girl that love Books and I love sport I play badminton 2 -3 times a week with a friend of mine.

I love the sea and the Beach I love seafood and I am good at cooking seafood. I looking for a good American or Australian man that looking for an Asian Girlfriend. I hope we soon can talk big Hug May

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Singaporean Girls – Grace

Posted by on Feb 20 2015 | Singapore Girls

Singaporean Girl - Grace small
HI! My name is Grace and i am a Single Singaporean Girl I was looking for a new Asian Dating site when I find Single Asian

I see some other Asian Girls there so I like to see what can happen. I looking for a good boyfriend and future husband for me.

I looking for a nice man that will be my rock and my love and a good family man. I am a good Singaporean Girl that work in a big office and I have a good work and I am happy.

I live with a 2 friend from work and we have a really nice apartment with a big space. I love books and history and I love the sport and I love nature and animals and Birds and all that.

I am a single Singaporean Girl and I never been with a man or Boyfriend before. I believe in marriage yes I go out some time with friends.

But I NOT A PARTY GIRL so you know and think that I am like that. I looking for a real man, not the man that want to have 100 of girls and play games. Hug Grace

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