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Korean Girls – Yon

Posted by on Dec 21 2014 | Korean Girls

Korean Girl - Yon
HI!I am a Single Korean Girl that are 24 years old and i live in Seoul. I just start to work as a model for a big Korean model company. I get this photo from one of the guys that take the photo on me.

I hope you love me and my body I don’t care so much about Beauty, Sexy body, big boobs and all that. I know Beauty comes from within.

I know I am a Sexy Korean Girl is what a models work to look good and sexy and much more. I looking for an American Husband for me I think or maybe an Australian man.

I am a Kind happy Korean Girl I am the oldest in my family. I am a Happy Korean Girl with a big heart I have 3 younger Korean sister that live together with me in an apartment outside central Seoul.

I looking for a kind man that will love me and be a good Husband. So guys do you want me as your Korean wife and Love me with all your heart?

If so send me a mail and I hope you and me can talk and see if we can be together before you come and meet me in Korean. Hug Yon

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Korean Girls – Hi-Ok

Posted by on Dec 12 2014 | Korean Girls

Korean Girl Mi-Ok
Hi! I am a Single Korean Girl that love to meet you a kind, fun man. I live in Busan as many Korean Girls do. I work in a shopping center with a friend of my.

It was one of hers Korean friend that come in and talk about the Single Asian Girl and the hot sexy American Guy that she meet last month.

She say he will come next week to meet me. So I was thinking if she can so maybe I can find an American man. I hope you think the same way YOU can find a Korean Girlfriend and is me.

I hope a sweet happy Korean Girl that will change your life and give you love and all that you want to have in a Korean Girlfriend.

Do you want to be my Boyfriend? Send me a mail and I send you my Mobil number and Skype so we can talk all night long. Hug Mi-Ok

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Korean Girls – Me – Yon

Posted by on Oct 26 2014 | Korean Girls

Me - Yon a Korean Girl
HI! My name is Me – Yon and I am a young Korean Girl and I am 19 years old Korean Girl. I live in Seoul and I like to find love on Single Asian Girl if I can find a man that want to meet me.

I am a Korean Girl that never have a Boyfriend so is the first time I try to find true love. I love to be with my family and I love to play PlayStation with my older sister’s children and I love computers.

I study in Seoul about computer and Development and Programming. I working on a computer company is a good work and I am happy.

But I like to find a man to start a family get married and have a good life. I am a good Korean Girl that don’t smoke and I go to church and I never been married and I never have a boyfriend before.

I looking for an American or Australian man not to old but older. I hope you like jokes and I hope you are happy and have a big smile. Hug Me – Yon

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Korean Girls – He – Ran

Posted by on Sep 17 2014 | Korean Girls

He - Ran  a Korean Girl
HI! My name is He – Ran I am a single Korean Girl and I live in Seoul. I have a small photo studio on the basement of the towers where I live.

I love my work and what I can do with my camera and my computer. I love the digital camera for you just delete the bad photos and keep the good. I have an old black and white photo camera that was my grandfather.

I love that to but it give me more work and I most go in to the dark room to get my photos. This is what I love to do is my dream life but I have one problem I am single Korean Girl and I want to find love.

So I try to look for a good man that want to be a part of my life I don’t need to live in Korea. But I like to keep this part of my life that I care about and is my camera and what I work with.

I will miss my family if I move abroad but is life you get married and you get a new life and I can always call and go home on the holiday to Korea as a friend of my do.

She is married to an American man and I hope I can meet a man like her husband. So send me a mail so I can give you my Skype so we can start to talk. Hug He – Ran

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