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Indonesian Girls – Maya

Posted by on Dec 30 2014 | Indonesian Girls

Indonesian Girl Maya (Small)
HI! I am A Indonesian Girl i work as a local Guide in Indonesia one of the place I love to go to is Pulau Laki in Jakarta I love the Beach and to walk on the beach and think about life.

I find a new website some days ago and it was Single Asian Girl. Is nice and I love it but I scared for what I will find if a send my story to Single Asian Girl.

I hope I can find what I looking for a nice and kind and open man that loves people and to travel. I looking for an Australian or American man that want to have an Indonesian wife or Indonesian Girlfriend.

I am a happy Indonesian Girl I love to cook Indonesian Food I like to sing and be with my family I love animals and I love to dive I love the sport and I love football.

I have 4 sisters and one older brother. I hope this will be a good start and I hope I am the Indonesian Girlfriend you been looking for. Hug Maya

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Indonesian Girls – Ati

Posted by on Nov 23 2014 | Indonesian Girls

Indonesian Girl  Ati
HI! I am a Single Indonesian Girl that live in Surabaya is my first time i try internet dating. I hope it can open a door to a new world and a man that I never can find in Surabaya.

I looking for an American man or Australian man I talk English so it easier if you want me to move to your country.

I am a kind and simple and down to earth Indonesian Girl I have money and is why I never care about big money. I don’t mix money and love if I love you I love you for you.

I looking for a man that is about 40 years old with a good heart and that like me. I running a small property company and it gives me a good life I spend much time traveling around Asia.

I love to walk on the beach but I like to find a man to walk on the beach together are you the man send me a mail and we can talk. Hug Ati

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Indonesian Girl – Ayu

Posted by on Oct 01 2014 | Indonesian Girls

Indonesian Girl Ayu
HI! I am an Ayu an Indonesian Girl that look for a single man that dream about life with an Indonesian Girl like me. Like you see I live in paradise and I hope you want to come and meet me in Indonesian.

I am an Indonesian Girl that love the beach and to meet new people. Is was one of my friend that say I most try Single Asian Girl.

She tries 6 months ago she says and she will meet here new Australian Boyfriend. So she says I must try and see what happen. She says is like the lottery if you not try you cannot win.

We talk a lot about this and over dream about love and all that. So I hope you want to meet an Indonesian Girl that love children, cook Indonesian Food, and I love family life and sit and talk with a friend.

I don’t drink much and I not a party girl but sometimes I can drink but is not fun I get drunk so fast ha ha ha. So I hope you contact me. Hug Ayu

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Indonesian Girls – Aci and Sendy

Posted by on Sep 14 2014 | Indonesian Girls

Indonesian Girl
HI! My name is Aci and I am 18 years old Indonesian Girl and not so long ago I buy the first computer to me and my family.I try to teach my mom and my older Indonesian sister the internet and show them some dating sites like Indonesian .

One day my mom come and show me Single Asian Girl and say it was time for me to find a man 🙂 and as a good Indonesian Girl I listen on my mom and do what she wants.

So do you want to meet a good Indonesian Girl? I am the one you looking for young, good and I love to smile and I always a happy Indonesian Girl. I love to walk in the Beach and Fishing or looks for crabs.

I am an Indonesian Girl that love the nature and all that you can do at the beach. I hope as you want to meet me. I can tell you to if you think I am too young Indonesian Girl for you?

Maybe you like to know my older sister Sendy is a single Indonesian Girl to as her boyfriend left her 1,5 years ago.

She is 21 years old and she is a dream Indonesian Girl she has a big heart she is all you guys looking for I hope and I know my mom what her to have a real man that not play games with her heart.

So now you only have 1 small problem and one bigger problem the small problem is to win over the heart and the bigger problem is to win over mom’s heart so she let you marry me or my Indonesian sister.

So contact me so I can give you my mail and my Skype my mail send me a photo to or go and look for me in Indonesian . Hug Aci

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