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Indian Girls – Nisha

Posted by on Jan 26 2015 | Indian Girls

Nisha (2)
HI! My name is Nisha and i am a single Indian Girl i find Single Asian Girl and it look like a good place to find love. So what do you want to know about me?

I work in a small office with a lot of paper and on my free time I spend much of the time with my family. I love Cinema and I love books and love stories.

I love romantic things, Good food, flower and all that so you know. I love to cook food and I hope you will love my Indian food.

I looking for a good, happy, Kind man that have a big heart and love India. I looking for a man that want to marry an Indian Girl. I hope we can start to talk on skype and see what will happen in the future. Hug Nisha

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Indian Girls – Ami

Posted by on Dec 18 2014 | Indian Girls

Ami a Indian Girl
Hi! I am a Single Indian Girl That live in India. I am a 32 years old Indian Girl that is Single and I looking for a kind, good future Husband.

I live in a small Indian Village and I have a small house that I live in with my younger sister. I have some land and I grow Tea and some other vegetables.

The Tea farm give me all the money I need to keep me and my sister happy. I looking for a American or Australian Boyfriend and I hope I can find one soon and get married to before 2015 years end.

So I only looking for serious guys no games with me. I don’t have children and I never have a boyfriend before is hard in a small village to find a good one that not play around.

So I need a real man that can love only me, don’t play Games and will marry me and as fast as we can start a family. Hug Ami

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Indian Girls – Amy

Posted by on Nov 29 2014 | Indian Girls

Amy a Indian Girl
HI! My name is Amy and i am a 28 years old Indian Girl. I work in a big office and I have a big room with a lot of papers and my computer that is my kingdom and I am the boss.

I find Single Asian Girl and was thinking maybe I can be lucky and find a Boyfriend. I looking for a American man or Australian man.

I looking for a man that are kind, good with a big smile and like that like to talk to people. I live in a small apartment with my younger Indian sister.

My mom live in the northern part of India in a small village with cousins, aunts and grandchildren around her. But my mom this is time to married and give her some more grandchildren.

So I looking of a man that can help me with my small problem ha ha ha. Send me a mail and i hope you have Skype so we can talk. Hug Amy

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Indian Girls – Avi

Posted by on Sep 29 2014 | Indian Girls

Avi a Indian Girl
HI! I am an Indian Girl and my mane is Avi and I live in Goa and I work on a big hotel in Goa. I am a 24 years old Indian Girl. I come from the northern part of India.

My family is still living there and my family have a Tea farm there I grow up as a young Indian Girl. I move to Goa to an uncle to my family he let me live with his family during the time I was going in school.

Later I start to work and I love Goa I love the sea and is a good life we have in Goa. I find Single Asian Girl and it look good not so may Indian Girls but is ok I hope you will see me and think.

I can be a good Indian Girlfriend to you. I love cooking Indian Food and I hope you love Indian food I am very good to cook Indian Food.

I looking for A European or an American man that love India and love Indian culture and the life in India. I hope you soon contact me so we can start to talk.

I looking for Marriage for the first but a long time relationship that end with us marry is ok to for me. please send me your photo and your mail so i can contact you. Hug Avi

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Indian Girls – Boo

Posted by on Sep 11 2014 | Indian Girls

Boo a Indian Girl
HI! I am an Indian Girl that live in Mumbai I have a work in a small shop. I just start to think about love and find love in internet and change my life to do something different.

So I find Single Asian and I see some other Asian Girls looking for love on this web site so I want to try and see what happen.

I am a good Indian Girl with a big heart I love to take care of my family and I love to cook Indian food and I love to meet new people.

My name is Boo and I am 23 years old I never have a boyfriend before and I not like the boys around here most of them just want to have fun and not be serious.

So I hope I can find a European, Australian or American man that looking for a longtime Relationship and Marriage. I looking for a man that can be my rock and that want to be a part of my life.

I hope you that know something about Indian life style maybe you been on holiday in India before and love the People and the food. So if you love my story contact me. Hug Boo

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