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Indian Girls – Da

Posted by on Jun 05 2017 | Indian Girls

Hi! I am a Indian Girl that come time to time to this web site I been waiting is a big step but I don’t think I want to live in India.

I looking for a new life in a new city I like to find a Caucasian guy but Asian is ok for me to. I hope I can find a guy that love Indian food.

I have a small online company that I can run and grow if I have an internet line so I don’t care if I am in Germany, Australia or USA.

I am looking for a guy that thinking long time and want to be rich in the future with me. So, contact me and let us see if we can find love. Hug Da

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Indian Girls – Alo

Posted by on Nov 29 2016 | Indian Girls

Hi! I am an Indian Single Girl and my name is Alo I live close to Mumbi I have a good life in Mumbi and I work with makeup and have a beauty salon I do some model work most for fun.

Today I am going online to see if I can find Love and a boyfriend Indian or maybe an American Guy I just want to see if I can meet a guy that can make me happy and maybe a family in the future.

So I hope someone that not want to play games with me send me a mail so we can talk about love and the future and the life we want to have here in India or in your country. Hug Alo

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Indian Girls -Wini

Posted by on Nov 01 2016 | Indian Girls

HI! I am a Single Indian Girl and I live in Mumbai. I like many people in India work in telecom but I just start to work for myself in my internet shop.

I am a single Girl and I have a dream about love and my next step in my life is to find love a boyfriend is what I hope I can find it online.

So are you looking for an Indian Girlfriend that love to work hard and have dreams? I hope I am the one you looking for.

I hope I can find you that can see that life change and that a Girl can work and still be a lady and a good wife for you.I looking for a good sweet guy that have a big smile that can make me happy every day when I wake up with you.

I hope this will help you a bit and I like to tell you much more about me so don’t wait send me a mail and we can talk. Hug Wini

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Indian Girls – Anni

Posted by on Oct 16 2016 | Indian Girls

HI! I am a Indian Girl and I live in a small city so I can still see my family on the weekends I currently I work in IT support so I sit and answer questions on the phone i love my work and I love to make people happy.

I like to find love abroad a good husband a new life I hope I can find a good guy and I hope this can be the first step on a new life.

I hope you are good and care about me and my feelings I hope you love to travel and that you love traveling to Asia maybe I can show you Indian is a great country to see.

I hope I can give you all that you dream of in a Indian Girlfriend so send me a mail and let us start to dream about a life together. Hug Anni

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Indian Girls – Amy

Posted by on Mar 28 2016 | Indian Girls

Amy a Indian Girl (Small)
HI! Guys I am Amy a Single Indian Girl I come to Single Asian Girl to find an American Guy or an Indian Guy that live in the USA.

I have some friends and Family in Florida so that is a good place to start a new life with you my new boyfriend and future Husband.

But if you not live in Florida or the USA is maybe okay to let’s talk about that if you think I am the one that you love I am open for all people as long as the not be Muslim.

I am a good Indian Girl that love cooking Indian food and I love to be with my friends and family. I not the big party Girl.

But a night out some time with some good food and go to the cinema is what I love to do. I looking for a good husband that want to have a family and a Indian Wife. Hug Amy

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Indian Girls – Ran

Posted by on Feb 08 2016 | Indian Girls

Indian Girls - Ran (Small)
HI! I am Ran a 25 years old Indian Girl I live on the beach now when I take care of my Indian Friends and her German husband and their small Guest House when they are back to Germany for a short time.

I love the beach is not like my city life with all the problem and bad people that you are scared for as a Indian Girl that you maybe see in the news.

I looking for a new life a good Boyfriend a Future Husband that I can merry and be happy with. I am a funny kind and humble Indian Girl I have a big heart with much love that I want to give you. Hug Ran

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Indian Girls – Abi

Posted by on Dec 27 2015 | Indian Girls

Abi a Indian Girl
HI! I am Abi a Single Indian Girl i just see Single Asian Girl when I see this web site. I love Internet dating you never know who you will me.

One day you meet an Australian man the next a German man it is so exciting I love it. I been trying it before but now I really want this to be the last time.

So do you want to meet a good Indian Girl? I am a happy Indian Girl that love cooking Indian food, I love Music, I love to go to the beach, I love to be outside and do things.

I don’t like sit in front of the TV all day is not my way of life. Looking for man that love Indian Girls and want to have an Indian Girlfriend I don’t care if you are Indian or not or if you live in another country. Hug Abi

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Indian Girls – Bela

Posted by on Nov 18 2015 | Indian Girls

Indian Girl Bela (Small)
HI! I am an Indian Girl and i see Single Asian Girl for the first time last night and now I ready to try this dating site. I try other dating sites but it look like it’s have too many other Single Girls.

I like this dating site so I like to try to see if I can find a good Boyfriend and a future husband. I hope I can find a good American man that have a good heart and that love Indian Girls.

I hope you love India and love to travel to my country and I hope you love Indian Food. I Love cooking Indian food so you know and I love to cook for my friends and my family.

I am a Indian Girl that love history and I love art I love classic music a teacher open a new world when he play classic music in school one day a long time ago.

My friends think I am a bit crazy but I don’t care I look on YouTube. I hope you are a man that love all Art and all thinks I love. I hope you soon want to contact me. Hug Bela

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Indian Girls – Aid

Posted by on Sep 05 2015 | Indian Girls

Indian Girls - Adi (Small)
HI! I am a Single Indian Girl and I just come to Single Asian Girl i like to find a good man in India or some other part of the world. I just looking for the man with the good heart.

A man that I can love with all my heart. I live in New Deli with my sister I love cooking Indian food and I love to travel and I love the Sea and the beach.

Some night I look on the stars and thinking on the life that I will have the day I find my husband. I dream about children in the future I dream about a good for us with much love and all a family looking for.

So do you have a similar dream like me do you want a family and much of love and new dreams come and look for me here or on Indian Hug Adi

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Indian Girls – Adi

Posted by on Mar 21 2015 | Indian Girls

Adi a indian Girl
My name is Aid and I am a Single Indian Girl and i hope i can find Love on Single Asian I live in Mumbai and I am a 28 years old Indian Girl that have a small good company.

We do telecom marketing and support calls for American clients. I have 50 Girls working for me and we grow every year. I LIKE TO FIND an American man that love India, Indian Girls, Indian Food, and Indian life style.

I looking for you that want to be a part of my life and maybe a part of my company and let us take the next step in over life and over future. Hug Aid

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