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Vietnamese Girls – Thuy

Posted by on Jan 17 2019 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! I am a Single Vietnamese Girl that looking for a future Husband. I hope I can meet a good American or Australian man.

So, This is my first time I try this way of dating I have a profile on that Vietnamese Dating site but I hope this will help me to find that Single man that can be my Husband.

So, I am a Single Vietnamese Girl that live in a small village. We have the nature just around the corner.

I love The nature and me and my younger sister love to go out and look for food in the forest. So, we can find fruit and some time mushrooms and other things.

I love my lifestyle but is hard to find a good man in the forest. Maybe I can find Tarzan but I don’t think so.

It’s why I come to this place i don’t want to move to the big city just to find love. I hope i can find a bit older man that can see me for me.

And I hope that man can see that a good life doesn’t need to be about the money. You can have a good life and live with the nature.

I hope you want to contact me and talk about life and maybe love. Also, I hope you want to tell me about you and your life. Hug Thuy

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Vietnamese Girls – Tien

Posted by on Dec 11 2018 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! I am a single Vietnamese Girl that looking for an American Boyfriend.  My name is Tien and I live in Ho Chi Minh City.

I have a good life with many friends, but I am missing a man a real man that I canlove of all my heart.

Therefore, I come to this website I hope like all the Asian Girls to find love. Also, I am hoping a nice, good man come and look for me on this website.

I see there is a Vietnamese Dating site maybe I most try its website. So, come and talk to me and maybe we can have a good time and if we find love?

We can have a great life together. Don’t wait too long so someone takes me from you. Hug Tien

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Vietnamese Girls – Yaffa

Posted by on Nov 03 2018 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! My name is Yaffa and I am a Single Vietnamese Girl looking for my future Boyfriend and Love. It’s my first time to try find love on this dating website.

I am a Vietnamese City Girl and I have a small BBQ Restaurant on the street where I sell food. I love my work and I have many friends come to talk and eat in my place.

But I want to end my single life and look for a man that wants to live with me. So, I want to meet a man American or Australian or I don’t know.

The important thinks are 2 1 you want to live in Vietnam in the future. 2 you love to travel to my country. I can live abroad for some years if I most but I not looking for that.

But if it is good for us and it can build over a relationship and over love to each other for the life in Vietnam I ready for that. I can talk to some English and my English spelling It’s not so good.

But some google translation helps me. Hope that is ok I know is not 100% good. So, let us start talking on skype so send me a message so we can talk. Hug Yaffa

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Vietnamese Girls – Cam

Posted by on Oct 03 2018 | Vietnamese Girls

HI! My name is Cam and I am a single Vietnamese Girl. As a Single Vietnamese Girl, I like to change my life and find love and a good Boyfriend.

Maybe an American man that love Vietnamese Girls and want to find a Vietnamese Girlfriend. I am looking for a long-time relationship it’s important for me.

In time expect us to marry when we feel it’s right for us. So, do you like to meet me? A Girl that love to have fun and love sport on tv and in real life.

I love nature and the sea. I have a dream to learn to windsurf that I only see on the internet and YouTube.

Maybe you are the man that will make my dream come true. So, tell me a bit of your life and what I can dream about when I come to live with you. Hug Cam

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Vietnamese Girls – Hoa

Posted by on Sep 16 2018 | Vietnamese Girls

HI! I am Hoa a Single Vietnamese Girl. I live in a Small City with a University and I study Economy and marketing.

I am 19 years old soon I will be 20 and I hope will or can find an American Boyfriend before I end my school at the end of this year.

I am a fun happy Vietnamese Girl that love to be with my friends and I love a small home party with my friends.

I love to fix the food and the drinks. I love to spend my time on YouTube and I look for drinks and new food that I can try out on my friends.

Most of the time I get it right and all my friends are happy. But last week I think I give my friends a bad stomach the day after my friend was bad. I tell my friend he drinks too much whiskey ha ha ha.

My friend says ok that can be true. But I think is maybe was me it must be the fish. I hate fish is so hard to get it good I think.

So, I am looking for an American Guy an American Boyfriend. I hope you have been in Vietnam and love to spend time here.

I am looking for a man that love to get new friends and maybe you can talk some Vietnamese and know a bit about the life here.

Are you that man I am looking for? send me a message or I see the Vietnamese dating site they have adds on I will try that too I think. Hug Hoa

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Vietnamese Girls – Abbey

Posted by on Aug 23 2018 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! I am Abbey A 21 year old Vietnamese Girl that looking for a foreign husband. I live in the countryside with my family.

We are mom and dad and my 3 younger sisters and my older brother. I work in a dentist office in the small city about 20 Km from us.

So, I go with my motorbike every day to my work that I love. I love to find a good fun guy that love Vietnam and maybe you can talk some too.

I am looking for a man around 30 to 40 years old I think. Come and look for me I wait for you. Hug Abbey

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Vietnamese Girls – Hue

Posted by on Jan 15 2018 | Vietnamese Girls

HI! Guys I am a Vietnamese Girl stat looking for a Australian boyfriend my friends all have boyfriends from Australian and they are so good to me.

So, I hope I can be a lucky Girl and find an Australian Boyfriend. I live in a smaller city with my family that has a shop and the apartment on top.

I am 22 years old and I just finish school and I will soon start to work as a nurse at the local hospital.

I love to help people and talk to people and is just me a friendly happy Vietnamese Girl with a big heart I want to have love in my life.

I want to give love and a big smile to my friends, but my heart will belong to the man I will marry. So, send me a photo and tell me more about you and your life. Hug Hue

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Vietnamese Girls – Phuong

Posted by on Jun 07 2017 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! Guys I am a Vietnamese Girl and my name is Phuong I live close to the Beach and we have a lot of tourist here. My family have a Guesthouse and restaurant with a bar so, we have a lot of people come to us.

I love my life but I like to find a good guy that wants to start a new life with my first I want to find love and when we are sure I like to find a good place to open a Guesthouse and move back to Vietnam.

We can start a new family and a dream life together and walk on the beach on the nights and look at the stars like I like to do when I have time. So, can you see us here in the sun? contact me and let us talk. Hug Phuong

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Vietnamese Girls – Mai

Posted by on Feb 11 2017 | Vietnamese Girls

HI! I am a Single Vietnamese Girl that is looking for Love. It’s the first time I go online to try to find love so I don’t know what will happen but I hope I will be happy and that I find a good boyfriend.

I am a Vietnamese’s Girl that is crazy in love with books I work in a small bookshop and we sell books some on English and some on Germany so we have tourist come to us.

Its happen I daydream when an American guy come in to ask for a map or a history book about the city. I dream he will ask for a date with me if he can take me out for a romantic dinner and he buys me a flower and all that.

But all is just a dream if you not make it come true. So will you make my dream come true? You don’t need to be American or so but I hope you are that romantic guy that I looking for. Hug Mai

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Vietnamese Girls – Yen

Posted by on Dec 26 2016 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! I am Yen a Vietnamese Girl I live in a small Vietnamese village far up in the north part of Vietnam I just move back from a big city where I study to be a Teacher.

I will start to work in a Vietnamese my village school not long away from my home. Is a longtime dream to be a teacher in a school.

But I like to find love and an older guy that want to marry a younger Vietnamese Girl and move to Vietnam. I understand we both need to meet and see if we can see a future together.

I hope you are a retiree or have some other way to live in Vietnam without thinking of money all the time. I never care about money but we cannot only live on my salary.

We have 2 -3 guys from Europe living in my village so you will not be lonely they are nice guys 2 are a retiree and one work on a big ship. My best friend is married to one so I know is not all ways easy to live together. Hug Yen

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