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Vietnamese Girls – Hue

Posted by on Jan 15 2018 | Vietnamese Girls

HI! Guys I am a Vietnamese Girl stat looking for a Australian boyfriend my friends all have boyfriends from Australian and they are so good to me.

So, I hope I can be a lucky Girl and find an Australian Boyfriend. I live in a smaller city with my family that has a shop and the apartment on top.

I am 22 years old and I just finish school and I will soon start to work as a nurse at the local hospital.

I love to help people and talk to people and is just me a friendly happy Vietnamese Girl with a big heart I want to have love in my life.

I want to give love and a big smile to my friends, but my heart will belong to the man I will marry. So, send me a photo and tell me more about you and your life. Hug Hue

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Vietnamese Girls – Phuong

Posted by on Jun 07 2017 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! Guys I am a Vietnamese Girl and my name is Phuong I live close to the Beach and we have a lot of tourist here. My family have a Guesthouse and restaurant with a bar so, we have a lot of people come to us.

I love my life but I like to find a good guy that wants to start a new life with my first I want to find love and when we are sure I like to find a good place to open a Guesthouse and move back to Vietnam.

We can start a new family and a dream life together and walk on the beach on the nights and look at the stars like I like to do when I have time. So, can you see us here in the sun? contact me and let us talk. Hug Phuong

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Vietnamese Girls – Mai

Posted by on Feb 11 2017 | Vietnamese Girls

HI! I am a Single Vietnamese Girl that is looking for Love. It’s the first time I go online to try to find love so I don’t know what will happen but I hope I will be happy and that I find a good boyfriend.

I am a Vietnamese’s Girl that is crazy in love with books I work in a small bookshop and we sell books some on English and some on Germany so we have tourist come to us.

Its happen I daydream when an American guy come in to ask for a map or a history book about the city. I dream he will ask for a date with me if he can take me out for a romantic dinner and he buys me a flower and all that.

But all is just a dream if you not make it come true. So will you make my dream come true? You don’t need to be American or so but I hope you are that romantic guy that I looking for. Hug Mai

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Vietnamese Girls – Yen

Posted by on Dec 26 2016 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! I am Yen a Vietnamese Girl I live in a small Vietnamese village far up in the north part of Vietnam I just move back from a big city where I study to be a Teacher.

I will start to work in a Vietnamese my village school not long away from my home. Is a longtime dream to be a teacher in a school.

But I like to find love and an older guy that want to marry a younger Vietnamese Girl and move to Vietnam. I understand we both need to meet and see if we can see a future together.

I hope you are a retiree or have some other way to live in Vietnam without thinking of money all the time. I never care about money but we cannot only live on my salary.

We have 2 -3 guys from Europe living in my village so you will not be lonely they are nice guys 2 are a retiree and one work on a big ship. My best friend is married to one so I know is not all ways easy to live together. Hug Yen

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Vietnamese Girls – Bian

Posted by on Nov 15 2016 | Vietnamese Girls

HI! I am Bian a Vietnamese Girl that looking for my dream boyfriend. My family have a road restaurant on the side of the big rood.

Sometimes some Tourist stop with their Vietnamese Girlfriend and I see the look so happy, I love to be that happy so it’s why I come to this Asian dating site to find love. So what are you looking for in a Vietnamese Girlfriend?

I am a Happy Vietnamese Girl I love to work hard. I can cook Good Vietnamese food that you will love to eat I think you never will go away from my kitchen.

I love to have a small party for my friends I love to meet new people so I hope you love to take your friends home for a party I will make them happy. So send me a mail and tell me about your life and your dreams for you and me. Hug Bian

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Vietnamese Girls – Hong Yen

Posted by on Oct 07 2016 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! I am a Vietnamese Girl that live in a small city in Vietnam I work in a bus station and I sell ticket to all the bus that pass this Bus station. Is a good work and I meet a lot of people some just pass and other live in my city.

Some time I meet a tourist and I think on some love story from a book and what will happen if I will be in that story and that man will be a part of that new story is just a dream.

I love to dream, daydream about love about love about life. SO do you want to be a part of my dream? My love story and my life?

Send me a story and tell me what will happen the day we meet on that bus station in Vietnam when you buy the ticket from me and let the story start and maybe I will be a part of your story and your dreams.

I will wait for your mail and your story I hope it will be you and me that can find love and a long life together. Big Hug Hong Yen

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Vietnamese Girls – Yen

Posted by on Jul 10 2016 | Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girl - Yen (Small)
I am a Vietnamese Girl that looking for love and a real Gentleman that love to give a Girl flower and I hope he want to marry me.

I am a romantic Vietnamese Girl that love to read love stories and I love romantic movies. I love to try to drink wine it looks so romantic so I hope it will be one of the first things we do together.

I am a countryside Girl my family just have a small rice farm but we are happy and we have a small house and it’s all that we need.

We just get the internet to over home and I get an older computer so now I can be online and I hope I can find love online.

I hope can find a foreign husband so send me a mail and I hope my English is good and I know Google can help me with the rest. Hug Yen

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Vietnamese Girls – Tam

Posted by on Jun 15 2016 | Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girl - Tam (Small) (2)
HI! I am Tam a Vietnamese Girl I live in the country side I never been in a big city and now I looking for a way out in the world and I don’t know where love will take me.

Is dark now and I am alone in my room and I think on what I like to say to you. I am a Vietnamese Girl that look for love and a husband that will take care of me.

I hope you will help me with my English and maybe I need to learn some German or Swedish depending on where in the world love will take me.

But I good in school and I love to study and make homework so I don’t think it will be a big problem. So I just open a Skype and I have a G mail as my friend says all is so new.

I only have my friend on Skype so I hope I will get many new friends and maybe one of them can be you, my boyfriend. Hug Tam

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Vietnamese Girls – Hong

Posted by on Apr 08 2016 | Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamsese Girls - Hong (Small)
HI! I am a single Vietnamese Girl that looking for you a good guy that is lonely and need a Vietnamese Girlfriend like me.

Is the first time I try to find love on the internet and a dating site like this I been looking on the stories about other girls that try to find Love and now I ready to do the same I love to find you and get married soon.

I am a good Vietnamese Girl that love the sport and I love to look at football you can ask me later about my Team that I love in England.

I have too much I want to tell you but I hope this is the best start and ask me anything and I will tell you all about me. Hug Hong

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Vietnamese Girls – Kieu

Posted by on Mar 17 2016 | Vietnamese Girls

Kieu a 22 years old Vietnamese Girl (Small)
HI! I am Kieu a 22 years old Vietnamese Girl I come to Single Asian Girl to find Happiness, Love, A Husband, and a Future with a good man. I am a good Vietnamese Girl that live here in a small village with big rice field.

I sorry I do not have a good photo with the green Rice field around my home. I hope someone wants to talk to me. I hope someone wants to see me and talk to me I don’t have a computer but we have an internet café that I can go to.

Is the first Guy from Germany that lives here that open this internet café with his Vietnamese wife. She helps me find some good dating site for me. She found love in Bangkok when she goes and helps her sister in her Restaurant.

I looking for a guy maybe from Germany the look like they are good and have a big heart.I looking for a good husband that love Vietnam and love to travel so we can travel much to Vietnam and around Asia.

I hope you send me a mail and I hope we soon can talk I will give you my Mobil number to so you can call me as much as you want and like. Hug Kieu

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