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Filipino Girls – Abay

Posted by on May 29 2015 | Filipino Girls

Abay a Filipino Girl (Small)
HI! My name is Abay I am a Filipino Girl that live in Manila i work in a Call center and i am happy with my life and i have good money i think.

I find Single Asian Girl and start to dream about love and a boyfriend to live with I hope I can find a good Caucasian man.

I am a happy Filipino Girl that love painting and I love cook food and be with my friend. I looking for a man with a good heart and that want to have a good Filipino Girlfriend.

I hope you want to come and meet me in Manila and we can see what happen in the future. I hope you send me a mail soon i will wait for you. Big hug from your Abay

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Filipino Girls – Ann

Posted by on Jan 29 2015 | Filipino Girls

Ann in Manila (Small)
HI! My Name is Ann and i live in Manila and I work on this café and bakery. I love my work and I love to do the bakery in the shop.

My boss is a German man and he teach me a lot about bakery cake and all that. I like to find a man like my boss a good kind but hard man that know what he want.

I am a Filipino Girl that love painting and I love Asian History, Art and all like that. I like to find my big love on Single Asian Girl.

So if you are a European or American man I like to try to start to talk to you and see what will happen in the future. Hug Ann

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Filipino Girls – Bayani

Posted by on Dec 24 2014 | Filipino Girls

Filipino Girls - Bayani
HI! My name is Banyani and i am a single Filipino Girl from Manila. I am a nurse in a Filipino hospital is the best work in the world to help sick people it make me happy and its feels good.

I am a Filipino Girl with a big heart I love to meet new people and I like to be that best friend you can open your heart to.

I looking for an American or European man that want to marry a Filipino Girl. I looking for the great love in my life.

I look around on stories about internet dating and many Filipino girls say love come in time as long as you like the man you dating.

So is why I like to try Single Asian Girl and see what love will give me. I look for you that is kind and have a big heart.

Look is always changing with the years so is why I don’t care about look and a sexy body is okay if you look good I don’t say No if I find a prince. Hug Banyani

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Filipino Girls – Ann

Posted by on Nov 17 2014 | Filipino Girls

Ann a Filipino Girl (Small)
Hi! My name is Ann and i live in Cebu i live in the country side with my aunt and her husband from America. My aunt come back from America a year ago and the will now live in Philippines for the most of the time.

I never been outside Philippines but I like to find a good man I can talk English. Many of my friends go to Angeles City to work and get an American Boyfriend.

Sometime my mom’s husbands friends come and they see me. I can feel the eyes walk all over my body and I one time his Best friend was drunk.

He took me in his lap and put his hand on my boob and while he ask about me. He ask if I can be his Filipino Girlfriend. My aunt try to push me to sleep with him.

She say is just sex and he is an old man it will go fast and you get an American boyfriend as I want you to have. I say no!!! But she push me all night.

I was lucky he was to drunk he sleep in the living room all night. I don’t want a 65 years old boyfriend, I like older men and I not see a problem with a man about 40 years old but not 65 years old.

So save me and you can get a good sexy Filipino Girlfriend. I hope I can be the Filipino Girl of your dream and I can cook good Food is one of my secrets that you will love if you love Filipino Food. Hug Ann

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Filipino Girls – Caliso

Posted by on Nov 08 2014 | Filipino Girls

Filipino Girl and Mom in Philippines (2)
HI! My name is Caliso I am on my way to England to live with my older Sister. I looking for an older English man that is single and want to have a Filipino Girlfriend.

I come from Quezon City and my mom still live in Quezon City. You see her in the photo maybe you like here to she is not a young hot Filipino Girl.

But she is a good Filipino woman that have a big and good heart and you may be looking for an old Filipino woman. Back to me.

I looking for a man that is single and love the Philippines and the beach and the nature and all that is good in Philippines.

I looking for a man that maybe are 40 but not more the 50 years old. I looking for a man that want to start a life with me in England.

I live in London soon with my sister but that part is not so important. I don’t care if you live in London as long as we can go and see my sister some time.

I am 23 years old and I never been married I don’t have children is just me. You can contct me if you live in a other country to. Hug Caliso

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Filipino Girls – Bella

Posted by on Oct 23 2014 | Filipino Girls

Bella a Filipino Girl
HI! My name is Bella I am a 22 years old Filipino Girl. I come for Tabuk and my family still live there. I live in Manila and work in a Bank.

I come to Single Asian Girl to find a good man. I looking for an Australian, American or European man. I am a Cristian Filipino Girl that don’t smoke.

I don’t drink if in case there are any special occasion then I can drink some wine. I looking for a man that love Philippines and looking for his Filipino Girlfriend or wife.

I looking for a Long time relationship that end with you marry me. I am a Filipino Girl that love to sing and I love to go to church and the lord is a important part in my life.

I hope you like my story and want to talk to me and i hope you send me a photo and tell me about you. I have Skype and i hope we soon can talk. Hug Bella

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Filipino Girls – Ann

Posted by on Aug 23 2014 | Filipino Girls

A Filipino Girl  Ann
Hello! My name is Ann and is a happy Filipino Girl living in Manila I work at a post office and help people to send packages all over Philippines and worldwide.

Sometimes I dream that I get to go to some of the places, I look at the address on the packages. I dream of traveling to Paris or … Therefore I write here on Single Asian

I hope I can meet someone who wants to experience the world with me and live the life with someone who has the same dreams as me. I dream of sailing around Asia. I only been on a sailboat in my life but it was wonderful.

Yes I am an adventure Filipino Girl who wants to try new things so when I get old can tell my grandchildren that I have seen world and did you remember the storm as we sail around Australia and so on.

I hope you would like to bring on your trip and we could live life together. I am looking for a kind man or guy who wants to marry me and live the rest of our lives together.

I work hard when I want to reach a goal and I’m not afraid to do some dirty work to achieve my goals. You should be an adventure man who likes to sail and dare to make your dreams come true.

I hope you will come see me in Manila so we’ll see what love gives in the future. I can teach you to cook Asian food and you can learn me all about sailing. Hug Ann

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