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Malaysian Girls – Wani

Posted by on Dec 03 2014 | Malaysian Girls

Wani a Malaysian Girl
Hi! My name is Wani and I am a 24 years old Malaysian Girl that live in Kula Lumpur. I work in a company that looking for staff for other company’s we look for all from shop staff to senior managers.

My work is to talk to people and find people is a fun work, hard and it give me a good salary. I have all I want a Big Apartment in Kula Lumpur.

But I don’t have a good man to live with I don’t want a stupid Malaysian Man that party and spend all my money. So I looking for a kind man that want to live in Kula Lumpur or living in Kula Lumpur.

I hope you will love me I love people and I love history and old things. I am a Happy Malaysian Girl that love to smile and I hate people that lie and talk bullshit.

I am a Malaysian Girl that have a big heart and love to help my friends if i can. I looking for a long time relationship or a man that want to married me. So send me a mail. Hug Wani

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Malaysian Girls – Amanina

Posted by on Oct 31 2014 | Malaysian Girls

Amanina a Malaysian Girl
HI! My name is Amanina and i am a Malaysian Girl. I live in Malaysia and I looking for a Muslim man to marry. I hope you live in America or here in Malaysia.

I study Computers and IT is what I love to do and I can work from home and be with my family I don’t want to be in a big office.

I like to run a company from my home so i can keep the old tradition and open the door to the new life that computers can give us.

I love children and I love cooking Malaysian Food so I hope you will love my cooking. I looking for a man that can see that a Muslim woman can work and still take care of the family.

I hope I can find a good man that can see that time change. But still believe in the word of God like I do. I hope God will open your Heart and say to you that my dream can come true.

I hope God can show you that you still can be proud over me as your future wife. I hope you soon will contact me and a Photo and tell me about your family so my family and I can start to talk to you. Hope to see you soon Amanina

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Malaysian Girls – Nisa

Posted by on Sep 02 2014 | Malaysian Girls

Nisa A Malaysian Girl
HI! My name is Nisa and I am a Single Malaysian Girl I live in Muar and me and my family have a small shop in one of Muar’s many small street market.

We sell food fresh fruit like Mellon’s, Dragon fruit, onion chili and much more. I find this new web site Single Asian and it is nice I love it.

I was thinking is look like a great place to tell my story and what I looking for. I don’t need to fight with 1000 of Malaysian Girls that look for love in Malaysian .

I hope I can find a American man or a Australian man that want to have a long time relationship. I am a happy Malaysian Girl that love sport and I love football.

I love to sing and I love You Tube where I can find all music that I love. I looking for a man that love to travel to Malaysia and spend time in my country. I hope you want to contact me so we can start to talk. Hug Nisa

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