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Malaysian Girls – Nana

Posted by on Sep 14 2015 | Malaysian Girls

Nana a Malaysian Girl (Small)
HI! My name is Nana i am a Single Malaysian Girl. I just see this web site and I like to see if they are some man that look for a Malaysian Girlfriend.

I am a good hard working Malaysian Girl I live in a small apartment with my younger sister. This is one of the first time I try internet dating and is the first time I try a dating site like this.

So I hope I can find you a good and fun man that loves to travel. I looking for you that like history and love art like me. I hope I soon can start to talk to you that think we can be good together. Hug Nana

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Malaysian Girls – May

Posted by on Feb 12 2015 | Malaysian Girls

May a Malaysian Girl
HI! I am a single Malaysian Girl that live in Kula Lumpur my name is May is what my friends call me. My real name only my mom say when she is angry on me.

So I am May I have good office work and in the evenings I work on my dreams in my photo studio. I want to build my future and my company I will be a known photographer in the future is my dream anyway.

So now you know about my dreams and my life but I am single and I like to find a man that can help me and be the one that I can talk about my company, life, love, and problem.

I need a rock in my life I hope someone wants to meet a Girl with dreams. I looking for a man with dreams and a good sense of money and the future but also who like art and photography and web designee so you can help me.

I hope you can be the one to put a stop to me if I would do anything stupid. Guys say I’m a Sexy Malaysian Girl I know it but I have a brain too and a big heart that I want to share with you. Hug May

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Malaysian Girls – Wani

Posted by on Dec 03 2014 | Malaysian Girls

Wani a Malaysian Girl
Hi! My name is Wani and I am a 24 years old Malaysian Girl that live in Kula Lumpur. I work in a company that looking for staff for other company’s we look for all from shop staff to senior managers.

My work is to talk to people and find people is a fun work, hard and it gives me a good salary. I have all I want a Big Apartment in Kula Lumpur.

But I don’t have a good man to live with I don’t want a stupid Malaysian Man that party and spend all my money. So I looking for a kind man that want to live in Kula Lumpur or living in Kula Lumpur.

I hope you will love me I love people and I love history and old things. I am a Happy Malaysian Girl that love to smile and I hate people that lie and talk bullshit.

I am a Malaysian Girl that has a big heart and love to help my friends if I can. I looking for a long time relationship or a man that want to marry me. So send me a mail. Hug Wani

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Malaysian Girls – Amanina

Posted by on Oct 31 2014 | Malaysian Girls

Amanina a Malaysian Girl
HI! My name is Amanina and i am a Malaysian Girl. I live in Malaysia and I looking for a Muslim man to marry. I hope you live in America or here in Malaysia.

I study Computers and IT is what I love to do and I can work from home and be with my family I don’t want to be in a big office.

I like to run a company from my home so I can keep the old tradition and open the door to the new life that computers can give us.

I love children and I love cooking Malaysian Food so I hope you will love my cooking. I looking for a man that can see that a Muslim woman can work and still take care of the family.

I hope I can find a good man that can see that time change. But still, believe in the word of God like I do. I hope God will open your Heart and say to you that my dream can come true.

I hope God can show you that you still can be proud of me as your future wife. I hope you soon will contact me and a Photo and tell me about your family so my family and I can start to talk to you. Hope to see you soon Amanina

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Malaysian Girls – Nisa

Posted by on Sep 02 2014 | Malaysian Girls

Nisa A Malaysian Girl
HI! My name is Nisa and I am a Single Malaysian Girl I live in Muar and me and my family have a small shop in one of Muar’s many small street market.

We sell food fresh fruit like Mellon’s, Dragon fruit, onion chili and much more. I find this new website Single Asian and it is nice I love it.

I was thinking is look like a great place to tell my story and what I looking for. I don’t need to fight with 1000 of Malaysian Girls that look for love in Malaysian .

I hope I can find an American man or an Australian man that want to have a long time relationship. I am a happy Malaysian Girl that love the sport and I love football.

I love to sing and I love YouTube where I can find all the music that I love. I looking for a man that loves to travel to Malaysia and spend time in my country. I hope you want to contact me so we can start to talk. Hug Nisa

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